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Masquerader – Writing 201: Poetry, Day 4 (Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment)



Look into my soul and there you’ll find

An imperfect soul

An imperfect mind

This ugly abyss deficient and flawed is secretly a place of



Though I struggle to be good my twisted heart


I wrestle with myself to no easy


I wonder…

Can my heart be redesigned?

Or is this the way…

I’ll forever be defined…


Originally posted: October 8, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

An unrequired life


Here in the shadow of a room

Where my broken heart

Yearns to mend

I felt the veil today

Its shimmery substance

Moved smoothly

Against the palm of my hand

It was cold and fluid like

Ethereal in its movement

Captivating my mind

Calling for my soul

I longed to press through

To finally see my maker

Wanted desperately to leave

So that I could instead

Sit beside my blessed king

The thought of leaving

This bleak frightful world

Fascinated my mind

This place where I reside

Has only left me

Covered in battle scars

Too numerous to count

Such a pity nobody can erase

These constant reminders

Of such sorrow and pain

Not even time herself

Can seem to fade these flaws

So I sat there

Lost in deep thought

Pondering a life beyond

This blink of an eye

When suddenly my mind

Was brought back into focus

By the pitter patter

Of small footsteps

The veil then quickly faded

Disappearing completely

Leaving me once again

To carry on with a life

Which seems to need me

More often than I require it

And so I continue on

Trudging through

The muck of life

A soldier lost

In the middle of a battlefield

Waiting for the day

When I’m officially given the word

To leave this dismal place

And return to my heavenly home


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The mind of a poet


Oh the lovely mind of a poet

Such an odd yet dreamy mess

Bursting forth with curious ideas

Meant to excite and impress

And when the pages of her mind

Begin to spin out of control

Nothing can stop her trusty pen

Which is linked devotedly to her soul


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com



“Complacency deteriorates the mind, and murders the soul.”  ~M

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Brokenness Defined


Every beat of your enticing heart

Mesmerized and controlled my spirit

Bound by your enchantments

Your invisible barricade eluded me

Hovering unbeknownst by day

Drifting aimlessly by night

The sting of unrequited love

Tormented my very being

Emptying my soul of emotion

Yet I couldn’t say goodbye

Every ounce of me loved you

With an incredible fierceness

Reaching far beyond the dimensions

Of an ordinary human heart

It was only after you pierced my soul

With the truth of an unforgivable indiscretion

That my spirit could no longer see clearly

Clinging to the scraps of your essence

I had no other alternative but to let you go

My lifeblood now begged to intermingle

With someone who had an honorable disposition

This was the last thought I incurred

Before completely breaking free

Heartbroken I left for another realm

Where love seemed entirely possible

A place where hope seemed to dwell

And you became a fragmented memory

Too sharp to handle anymore


Written by, Michelle Cook

*The outcome of this poem can be found here.

Photo credit:  pixabay.com


Brown Eyes

His brown eyes
Just won’t leave me
That stare of his
Nothing short of dreamy
Another look
My thoughts run deeper
Unsure of what to do
My heart races back to you
Feeling compelled now
I can’t look away
In the depths of his eyes
I’ve completely run astray
I’m lost now
It can’t be denied
Ruined forever
From these feelings inside
Time stands still
As I watch him come near
My old thoughts and dreams
Replaced now with fear
I jolt for the door
Resisting the urge
I’ve got to escape
These feelings that surge
Running in haste
Leaving brown eyes a blur
I succeed for the moment
Not causing much stir
Anxiously hoping
All is not lost
From an enraptured moment
That will come with a cost
Finding myself in another room
He enters in quietly
And I’m filled with doom
He reaches out his hand
As a gesture of kindness
All I can think of is
Immoral, unrighteous
Not trying to seem
All but ungracious
I reach out my hand
And dream of embraces
His brilliant brown eyes
Reach down to my soul
Tempting me from realms
Completely foreign and unknown
Thank God for the truth
When I finally awaken
It’s all just a dream
My earth is not shaken

Written by, Michelle Cook

He is near


I feel your presence all around me and the light of your glory never grows dim.

  I stand alone and wait for you to rescue me from the evils of the night.

  I feel your presence flooding my soul and I long to be held by you.

  The thin veil that separates us brushes lightly against my skin, and I am reminded that you are near.

  We are worlds apart and yet just a breath away.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: wallpapers.com



“One who hurts one’s soul, hurts their own.” 

~Paper Stars and Blue Honey Poems

Photo credit:  freewallpaperpk.blogspot.com

Food for Thought


“To be completely satisfied, you’ve got to feed your soul, not just your stomach!” ~M

A Wisp of a Whisper


I heard one night

A whisper in my dream

A soft voice

So kind and gentle

I smiled as I saw

The face of a little girl

Standing right in front of me

She smiled so brightly

And laughed so brilliantly

She took my hand

And led me through

The dark and winding path before us

Hand in hand

We walked through

This ever-going dream

She whispered to me

All sorts of things

She told me stories of long ago

Good and bad times of her life

She always told them in her small voice

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with her

As she told me these momentous memories of hers

For a long time

She and I walked this long road


I went on with her

When I realized something quite odd

I looked at the shadows around us

And then

I realized that all this time…

She had been protecting me

All this time while I was with her

From horrible monsters

These nightmares

Had followed us

But every time she made me smile

Made me laugh

A little light would appear

And they went

Far, far away

And slowly

The light had grown bigger and brighter

Now standing before me

A great big opening showed me a light

What was there?

I had yet to know

She held my hand and ran with me towards the light

And in we went…

The light

So familiar

I realized

It was none other than her

This little girl

She had once existed

Once she was someone out there

And one day

She disappeared

Erased from all who knew her

And even the earth itself

Have all forgotten her

And now what is left of her

Lives as a wisp of what had been

Her long forgotten spirit

Lives in me

Way back in the tip of my memories

Hidden from me

She fought so hard to reach out to me

And finally

She came forward

And awakened

What I had sorely forgotten

The brilliant light of the many memories of me and her

Shone so great I had to shield my eyes from it

The blinding light that burned me so greatly

With its amazing brilliancy

Gently, she brought my arm down from in front of me

She took my arms

And hugged me one last time

With one last smile on her lips

She told me

That even though her existence

Had been erased from my mind

The memories

Mine and hers

Would always remain in our hearts


Poem By,

Brianna L. Cook, age 13

Photo credit: pixabay.com