A quick note

Hello fellow bloggers,

I haven’t written a personal note in quite a while and thought it was finally time to do so.  First of all, let me apologize for not posting the monthly writing prompts for December.  I have been so caught up in my own little world these days that I completely forgot to post them.  I didn’t even realize I’d forgotten until yesterday, so I thought I’d just do a personal post this month instead.  As all of us know, the past two years have been crazy.  But during the days of covid, my life hasn’t changed too much.

I’ve still been homeschooling as I have been for the last 15 years, and the only big difference is that I’ve moved twice since the pandemic started.  I had to downsize each time I moved and feel lighter now that I don’t have as much stuff weighing me down.  The first move went well, and I ended up in Virginia.  I loved all of the historical aspects of Virginia but hated the traffic that I couldn’t avoid no matter how far down the road I went.

Fortunately, I lived within walking distance to all the stores and businesses that I needed access to, so I never really had to drive anywhere while I was there.  But after 18 months in Virginia, I was glad to break free, and I’ve now ended up in the one place I’ve most wanted to be, and that place is Utah.

Ever since I visited Mt. Zion National Park seven years ago, I’ve wanted to come back here, and I haven’t been disappointed with my decision.  I live within walking distance of some amazing hiking trails, and I’m within a 30 – 60 min drive to several state and national parks.  And that’s what I love most about being here; I’m finally able to enjoy nature and be outside as often as I want to be.  Here are some recent pictures from my hikes.  Isn’t it beautiful here…

November 2021 Writing Prompts

Welcome to another month of writing prompts. The following prompts are ones I’ve used in the past for my own writing efforts, but to my knowledge have never been published. After nearly four years of posting writing prompts for all of you, it is getting harder to keep track of what I’ve posted and what I haven’t. So please forgive me if you see a duplicate prompt from time to time. Have a great month everyone! 

 ~M xo

  1. Then, she realized the mistake she had made.
  2. Shiny onyx pebbles lined the path.
  3. His appetite was insatiable.
  4. The crooked road.
  5. The fragrance of honeysuckle was all he remembered.
  6. The likeness was uncanny.
  7. Peridot was the color of her eyes.
  8. A splash of whimsy and touch of color.
  9. The mushrooms began to dance.
  10. There was something more.
  11. The azaleas wept as they were plucked from their beds.
  12. Tinsel and ribbon.
  13. The secret.
  14. Dandelion wishes.
  15. Whispering on the wind, I heard her voice.
  16. Jelly donuts make everything better.
  17. The soft pitter patter of the rain, quieted my soul.
  18. The perfect day.
  19. Tiny footsteps tiptoed to the door.
  20. Smoke filled clouds billowed out of the beast.
  21. She gave me a penny for my thoughts.
  22. A new day had come in the midst of despair.
  23. Fields of tulips lined the waterways.
  24. Her kiss left a lasting impression.
  25. The moon illuminated the dismally dark path.
  26. Crystals sat atop, adorning each glossy blade of grass.
  27. Gobbly glops of goop oozed into her soup.
  28. The spider gave her quite a scare, as it crawled into her underwear.
  29. I shuddered at the thought of becoming a prisoner once more.
  30. The cherry blossoms carpeted the way.

If you’re new to prompt writing, and don’t really understand how to use the prompts, please consider the following writing exercise.

Settle into your favorite place in the house with a hot drink to warm your waking bones.  Once you’ve warmed up a bit; grab your journal, a trusty pen, and a timer.  Then, set your timer for ten minutes and begin writing about one of the prompts.  Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, neatness, or anything like that; just write!  Write about anything and everything that comes to your mind, and don’t stop until the ten minutes are up.

I often find myself writing short stories or poems during those ten minutes, but you can write about anything you like.  And don’t be alarmed if what you’ve written doesn’t quite make sense.  The whole idea behind doing this exercise is to get your mind ready and working so that you can begin your day.  Just think of it as exercise for your brain, and once you’ve done your ten minutes of writing, you’ll feel more prepared to tackle the rest of your day.

As always, I will be writing and posting over on my other blog, which can be found here. So please come visit me if you get a chance, and hopefully I can keep up with all of you!

And one last thing before I forget!  I made a quick tutorial for those of you who have been having trouble trying to figure out how to Pingback your posts.  Please go here, if you’d like to view the tutorial.  

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/ground-frost-frost-rose-bush-autumn-3826835/