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Featured Writer – Heidi Baker



Fully Their Own

Laundry can wait for morning.

Sleet bouncing on the rooftop is for pajamas,

yawning, soft music, letting legos in their piles

be uniquely organized floor ornaments.

I gather another brownie,

a second cup of coffee, my breath in one large motion

before curling up beside the space heater,

snug in a crocheted blanket.

Dark comes early, whispering, “Slow down, listen,

look up and see the children grow

a little more amazing

every minute.”

I stare so long each one asks, “Mom, what?”

I smile, just barely remembering we once shared a body,

then lightning-aware that these children

are fully their own.


Written by, Heidi Baker


To read more of Heidi’s lovely words, please visit her website at: http://heidibethbaker.weebly.com/

And you can also purchase her book on Amazon by clicking, here.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Her one guilty pleasure



As her pen touched the paper

Flames erupted from the ink which flowed

Writing was her one guilty pleasure

It was all she had ever known


And the erotic words danced pleasurably

On each sultry and seductive page

This was the role she was chosen for

To dance freely on a paper stage


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Her pen touched the paper, flames erupted from the ink that flowed.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Featured Writer – Charlie Hasler


The Prison I Create

There are no bars keeping me in, there is no door without a key in.

All the lights are on without a flicker or dim, my soul free to wonder out or in.

And yet I stay frozen to one spot, unable to get past the lock that is not.

I sit and stare at my loves fading smile, trapped in the memory of when I could hold her for a while.

I curse myself and my internal latch, that I cannot get loose from this imaginary catch.

My hands are sore, my eyes are weak, my internal light ever growing darker and bleak.

The man I once was becoming a ghost in time, locked behind this illusion of mine.

Gone of days when life was a dream to catch, why can I not get past this imaginary latch.

There are no bars, there is no steel, why does my mind command me to kneel.

I have no words, only hate, inside this prison I do create.

I scratch a marking on the wall, to remind me I must obey or face the fall.

And fall I do, further still, into this invisible pit I created by the freedom of my own free will.

The hangman’s noose so appealing, but today is not my time, I remain for the true love of mine.

No illusionists trick, nor jailers whip, will see me lose my iron like grip.

So I will go on inside my imaginary jail and yes there will be a time that I shall prevail.

Written by, Charlie Hasler
For more thought provoking poems, please visit: www.charliesaysblog.com

Charlie can also be found on Twitter @hasler2charlie

Photo credit: Pixabay.com



It’s been awhile

Since I’ve put pen to paper

Seems the ink

Has begun to dry out

Trying in earnest to imitate

The stale blood in my veins


My heart no longer beats

The way it once did

Seems the song it used to play

Is lost in a place

Which I’m convinced

Never really existed


Beneath that old oak tree

On a moonlit night

Could only have been a dream

Since it’s become a mere vapor

Of a memory

And doesn’t stir my soul any longer


Vacant is the only sound remaining

Yet it courses vigorously

Through my veins

Solitude and emptiness

Cause me to question the residue

Which lingers faintly in the stagnant air


And like a handprint

On a mirror

The love I gave away

Was easily forgotten

And simply wiped away

When it was at long last remembered


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

I Write Because…


I Write Because…

I write to…
Explore hidden realms beyond my reach

I write to…
See the universe in a different light

I write to…
Free myself from the confines of this world

I write to…
Hear my imagination think

I write to…
Escape to other dimensions in time

I write to…
Empower my introverted side

I write to…
Give my soul a much needed rest

I write to…
Pretend that I am someone I’m not

I write to…
Become a happier self

I write to…
Share my innermost thoughts and emotions

I write to…
Give hope to the hopeless

I write to…
Allow myself a few moments of weakness

I write to…
Make people laugh and cry

I write to…
Challenge myself in numerous ways

I write to…
Reach out to the brokenhearted

I write to…
Be daring and free from the chains that imprison me

I write to…
Create stories that I can call my very own

I write to…
Bring creativity into existence

I write to…
Have adventures that would otherwise never take place

I write to…
Acknowledge all that is good and true

I write to…
Perfect my hidden talents and abilities

I write to…
Show myself that I am worth so much more than I think that I am

I write to…
Find comfort in a place that I didn’t even know existed

I write because…
I am a writer.


Written By, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Originally posted: November 2, 2015

#MidnightMadness – 5/3/2017


“To be a good fantasy writer, you have to be able to leave this world and move on to the next.”  ~M

Words come straight from the heart…


There’s no better compliment for a writer, than when somebody reads their work.  I honestly don’t even mind if somebody doesn’t particularly like what I’ve written.  Just the fact that they’ve read it and have taken the time to tell me they have; that’s the best feeling in the world.  The words a writer writes, come straight from their heart.  So the reader is literally holding a piece of that person’s heart while reading such a person’s words.  It doesn’t get much more intimate than that.  ~M

Originally posted: May 15, 2016

Photo found at:  sparkyleegeek.wordpress.com

Featured Writer – John Horner

Sandbox Souvenirs

In myriad ways, now and since,
I’m less a formidable force than then,
When I was Icarus on a banana-seat Schwinn,
A Double Dragon defeater on fifty cents,
A baleful Blackfoot in dun buckskin,
Or a Ranger with hardened steel in his chin.

Deep thoughts were enumerated tootsie pop licks
Or scissor-splitting spit-clogged pixie sticks;
Didn’t take it too hard on a Sadie Hawkins miss—
Holding hands was adventurous, never mind a kiss;
And wouldn’t make too much of the little pinpricks
A bully might brandish against a simple bliss.

Miss Welch taught me cursive for counted naught;
Miss Bryant once jacked me to my toes by an ear
(I feigned half-deaf-to-left for the rest of that year);
Principal Eubanks had the handle on a hardwood swat
And kept my mother’s work-number too damn near—
My heart pocketed it all as a sandbox souvenir.

There seemed less to lose and more to ponder,
In a Members Only jacket impossible to launder
And pants of patched and pearl-snapped corduroy;
If there be any brilliance in me, or purest joy,
Any brightness beyond my most selfish squander,
Let it be the beam of that brave and unbroken boy.

Written by, John Horner

For more of John’s wonderful poems, please visit his website here.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Lost words



The ink dries

Before I’ve even begun

There’s nothing left to say

Conversations are done


Beautiful words

Saturated with meaning

Lost on a whim

No longer convening


Writing paper

Aching to be used

Balled up thoughts

Abandoned and abused


Empty ideas

Scattered like rain

Nothing left

Except silence and pain



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Yes, I admit I’m a hermit



Yes I admit I’m a hermit

Some people don’t like it one bit

But I really do enjoy my time alone

So please don’t throw a fit

This recluse life it suits me

For I have not many friends

But there’s one thing I’ve got plenty of

And that’s tons and tons of pens

So though I may be a solitarian

I’m certainly doing just fine

For I’ve got me a load of paper

And plenty of words in which to rhyme

Having company hinders my thinking

The creative process just can’t flow

So if you come by a knocking

I’ll probably just tell you to go


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Forever Friends


Here’s my bestie

My friend C

The most beautiful friend

You ever did see


For he’s kind and considerate

Never a bore

He’s somebody who

I completely adore


We became friends

One year ago this day

He’s amazingly sweet

What more can I say


Thank you C

For really showing me

The kind of friend

We should all strive to be



With much love, ~M  xoxo


Featured Writer – Frank Solanki


Let Me Read You The Morning News

So happy, so happy, so happy was I
The flowers bloomed while the birds flew in the sky
And everything seemed to be in its place
Wide smile on every child’s face
And they sang and danced in a tune
Like they always do when it’s June
To let the folks jump and croon
It seemed the rains had come a tad too soon

When was the last time? I can’t remember
Maybe back in January or late December
That everybody was feeling so high
And not a single face with a sigh
No poet, I think, could ever write
And describe such a beautiful sight
Even if one were to stay up all night
And try and try with all its might

Why would anyone step out of bed
And not stare out of the window instead
And dream and dream and dream away
On such a lovely summer’s day?
But as happy, as happy, as happy as I could be
And with a cup of coffee next to me
I picked up the morning news to see
Just what it had in store for me

And I read and read about the world
A war was declared and bombs were hurled
Thousands of lives had been washed away
But the print read like any other day
I wondered, I wondered and began to think
The world, it seemed was on the brink
And I dared not to take another blink
For my heart had just begun to sink

And I turned a page just to find
A thousand other things that disturbed my mind
Children playing with real guns
And others dying of starvation
Rich folks flaunting their polished cars
And drinking champagne in fancy bars
And what good is life and water on Mars
When they never found a cure for scars?

Fans killing each other over a game
A sweet angel born without a name
A man killing his friend in a brawl
Economy and currency in free fall
Does not the editor owe me an apology
For ruining my day so cruelly?
Or is there something wrong with me?
Or is it just the way I see?

I guess we all look differently at things
Truth enlightens some; some it stings
When peace and quiet is there to choose
We decide to pick the morning news
Maybe I could not open my eyes to see
The truth, the facts and reality
Someday it will set me free
Till then I’ll wait for the answer and let it be


Written by, Frank Solanki

For more inspiring poems by Frank, please visit his blog at: Frank Solanki

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Featured Writer – Paper Stars and Blue Honey Poems


The Writer

Writings along the walls

Writings along the roads

Words pouring out of the people around her

Letters simply buzzing by in the air

Nobody saw them

Except for one

The one called

“The Writer”

The Writer took these words

And put them onto paper

She took them

Stroked them

Took care of them

And they took care of her in return

Like a crazy cat lady

She had thousands of them

Each of them she knew by name

The people of the town

Knew not of these words

They saw the air around them

They saw bees buzzing

Saw the trees swaying

But words never spoke to them

The words didn’t speak to anyone except for The Writer
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Featured Writer – Vasantha Vivek


Marriage gives us a lifetime companion. It gives us hope, peace,security, love, life, kids and much more. For some, marriage was made in heaven. They enjoy each other’s company well. But some were not able to survive the problems raised in a married life. So with my 11+ years of experience in marriage, I learnt these 40 Mantras for Happy Married Life. 

40 Mantras For Happy Married Life

  1. Start everyday with kisses.
  2. Select one song as your Love Song.
  3. Discuss only about positive dreams.
  4. Say ” I Love You ” often.
  5. Accept mistakes.
  6. Greet with flowers and gifts for every wedding day and valentine day.
  7. Be positive.
  8. Listen to your spouse.
  9. Be pleasant always.
  10. Give respect.
  11. Laugh together.
  12. Be calm and cool.
  13. Be truthful.
  14. Give trust to your spouse.
  15. Accept differences happily.
  16. Be transparent and frank.
  17. Be firm to accept failures.
  18. Celebrate birthdays in grand manner.
  19. Praise at least two times a day.
  20. Serve breakfast for your spouse.
  21. Call your spouse.
  22. Visit your favorite places together.
  23. Go outing once a week.
  24. Ask what to do to make your spouse happy.
  25. Pray for your spouse.
  26. Understand your spouse’s feelings.
  27. Have gentle friendship with your spouse’s friends.
  28. Try to attend the spouse’s needs immediately.
  29. Act according to your spouse’s wish.
  30. Sort out chores and problems together.
  31. Finish your official works at office.
  32. Plan a holiday trip every year.
  33. Encourage your spouse with your moral support.
  34. Seek old married couple’s advice, if needed.
  35. End each day with soft hug.
  36. Show unconditional love.
  37. Avoid arguments.
  38. Discuss your financial matters before making any decisions.
  39. Give freedom and space.
  40. Support each other during failures.


For more inspirational thoughts from Vasantha Vivek, please visit her blog at:  My Sweet Nothings

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Featured Writer – Jerry Lopper

Making Sense of Life

“People write,” he said, “to make sense of their lives.”

#76 - Mannequin ArtistBrenda, an outstanding writer and member of our local writers’ group quoted that line from a workshop she recently attended. Being the excellent writer she is, when Brenda makes a writing point of emphasis I take notice.

People write to make sense of their lives.

The line struck me as profound and I immediately began exploring my own writing experiences. Is that why I write, too? To make sense of my own life?

“No,” I thought to myself, “No, I write to share what I’ve learned with others.” Trained and experienced as an engineer and manager, I began writing shortly after retiring. That’s also about the time I began to seriously explore my place in the universe.


Maybe I was subconsciously trying to make sense of my life in the big scheme of forever. Pondering further, I realized something else; when faced with life events that overwhelm me, I compulsively write about them. Some examples came to mind:

  • When political rhetoric building up to the invasion of Iraq left no doubt in my mind where the administration was headed, I wrote about peace.
  • When a young man went berserk, launching a shooting spree in Blacksburg, Virginia, writing about the ingredients of our culture that made his actions possible helped me make sense of it.
  • When diagnosed with a serious health issue—something I had never considered or been concerned about—I came to grips with it by writing.

With hindsight, I guess I do write to make sense of my life. As anyone who has ever taught a class knows full well, teaching something stretches your understanding of a topic like no amount of self-study can possibly accomplish.

That’s what my writing has accomplished—for me. I hope that others benefit, too, but I know that when I write about overcoming fear, learning to love unconditionally, or finding life purpose, my writing-journey is personal and heartfelt.

Write from the Heart

That’s the other point Brenda made that day—writing from the heart is powerful and attractive. When it matters to me it will matter to others, too. Cranking out an article simply because one is due just doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the raw talent to pull it off.

I can do it, but the results aren’t satisfying to me and readers notice that. There’s a certain mechanical feel that results from “turning the crank.” Without the well-honed talent to turn out words that sing, my writing efforts must spring from the depths of my best insights and deepest feelings.

So that’s my promise to myself and to you; no scheduled articles, no deadlines, no quotas. Write when the compelling force to write surges from within. Write what I feel. Write from the heart.

Does this resonate with you? Do you journal, blog, or write articles when dealing with something very difficult to understand in your life?

How Do You Make Sense of Your Life?

If you deal with these things by other than writing, what do you do? How do you process and come to grips with events that disrupt your sense of who you are and what your life is all about?

I’d love to hear more about why you write and if you do write to make sense of things. How do you make sense of your life?

For more inspiring thoughts from Jerry Lopper, please visit his blog at: 80 Insights

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