Why I Am An Outgoing Introvert

I am definitely the outgoing introvert. What are you?

8 thoughts on “Why I Am An Outgoing Introvert

  1. I am an outgoing introvert too, I dislike conversations that has no meaning mostly but sometimes I can tolerate and blends well with jokes. Going to party? Mostly no but yes depends on my mood because it’s a waste of time for me. But I might no be staying at home either. It’s a very complex situation for me as I can switch into any.
    I still have the ability to communicate with either introvert and extrovert people.

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      1. I think we do 🙂
        I put my divergent test last time as one of the test to show me who might have the same interests or attitude as me.
        Actually I have known that I used to be introvert since I was a kid. I was afraid to meet new people and make friends with them but once I did they become so attached to me. I was a gamer and like to spend my time in front of the computer so much.
        Now I am more to extrovert than I used to be. I talk a lot like I am an extrovert person but still carries my introvert soul which means I have the extrovert look and ability but hidden introvert that people will not know in an instance and they will not recognise me as an introvert being. I feel I am kinda like a bridge now and I can switch anytime I want between two different world. I don’t know why and I can’t really explain this theory myself lol

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        1. Well we definitely had the same results on that test. I used to be so shy in elementary school, that people would ask me if I spoke at all. I am a computer geek, used to be more of a gamer but dont have as much time for it anymore. I go to things like Harry Potter conferences and feel no sham, and I actually like being around the people at those because I can dress up and be somebody else for a day. I have been forced into some leadership roles in recent days, which is helping mme get away from my introvert side. Being in the military for 5 years helped me overcome some of my social anxiety too. I love how you can bridge the two worlds now. Maybe you are feeling more in control these days?

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          1. That’s right I feel like I have gained more control over everything and myself.
            I think it’s like you have to try everything to be able to gain knowledge over many aspects. Your failure in the past will give you gains now. Erudite people mostly are slow and introvert but later on they could become anything more powerful like normal people have never seen before. It’s more like we are the future not the past or present. Once we realise what we need to do nothing can stop us. As the older you get you can be anything you like as you have all the ability without you even realise that you have it and more intelligent than normal people are.That’s how we suppose to be 🙂

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