Colton Dixon – Never Gone

Did you realize that Colton Dixon is a Christian singer/songwriter?  Every song that he sings gives glory to God and shows the impact that God has had on his own life.  Also, Colton Dixon is coming to Lifest 2015.  If you’re in Wisconsin, July 9 – 12, you might want to head up to Oshkosh and see him in person!

Third Day – Revelation

Third Day was the first band that I ever saw in concert.  Their message was a blessing to me in a time when my life was a horrible mess.  I hope you will find strength in these words.  Everyday, I must seek Jesus for the hope and strength that I need to sustain me in a world that is quickly fading.  Jesus is the only way if you are searching for the truth.   He will show you the way.  I know, because He showed me and I am forever changed because of His love.