This is how you change the world


Today I learned that you do not have to change a million lives at once to make a difference. Aim to touch one life a day. Make an old man laugh or a child smile. Make someone feel loved. They will remember that love and spread it to others. That is how you change and light the world. You value and love each human being equally. We are all brothers and sisters since we are all children of God, and we must treat each other so. By taking things one day at a time and trying to touch one life at a time, the lives you’ve changed will add up and the love you’ve shared will spread like wildfire as it stretches across the world. By using globalization to spread such illuminating and infinite love, darkness doesn’t stand a chance.” ~Molly O’Leary

This is an excerpt posted with permission by, Molly O’Leary.  The complete story can be found here.