#MidnightMadness – 5/17/2017


If you could be any flavor of ice cream what flavor would you be and why?


*I sincerely apologize to all of the pregnant women out there who may be reading this at midnight.  Or perhaps I really should be apologizing to the men in your life, who now have to go buy you ice cream at this late hour of the night.  Sorry guys… 😋


P.S.  I’d be Mint N’ Chip, because it’s my favorite!  🍦

Photo credit: pixabay.com

23 thoughts on “#MidnightMadness – 5/17/2017

  1. Double Chocolate, just because I love chocolate. Thankfully I am not addicted to it, like I used to be, partly because I worked at a bakery for over a year, that sorta cured me of that addiction.

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  2. With a question like this, I can see why you might moderate your comments… My favorite is chocolate, but that is boring. Perhaps if it was a dark, dark chocolate – when I eat chocolate, I like it at about 70 – 75% cocoa, so as chocolatey ice cream as possible. Something that looks boring, but at first taste is overwhelmingly flavorful.

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    1. Lol…. I almost picked Rocky Road myself. And it sort of fits my life too. Mint Chip seemed more cheery. 🙂 Dark chocolate really is amazing. I don’t think chocolate is boring at all. That’s a great description of you.

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      1. I don’t like nuts in things (I eat some by themselves), but wanted to pick something with nuts since some people would say that describes me 😉 Of course, just the name “Rocky Road” has connotations beyond the nuts. Hopefully there are some smooth patches in your life too! Yes, mint chip is a little more cheery 🙂

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        1. Too funny…. What’s your least favorite then? I think it’s plain vanilla for me or pistachio.

          Of course there’s always smooth patches. Just wish they lasted longer! Lol….

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  3. I would be chocolate! Because I became allergic to it 34 years ago. Could eat it up until then. Would love to be able to eat it again. Think I would be a little happier.
    Can eat white chocolate, and it is good but is not the same as chocolate, chocolate.

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