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Defining Character


Her worn hands were tired

And so was her weary mind

She spent her days working

For the spoiled and unkind


Her days were long

And her nights were short

Yet through all the struggles

She remained a good sport


She tried her best

To satisfy every need

Of her rich employer

Who was laden with greed


Through the years

She remained faithful and kind

And everyone missed her

On the day she resigned


She still has not been forgotten

As she was loved for her gentle ways

Seems it’s our character which defines us

Even beyond our earthly days


Written by, Michelle Cook

Poetry prompt: Tired hands and mind.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

A reminder to myself…


“A true friend loves unconditionally and expects nothing in return.” ~M


Originally posted: January 27, 2016

Photo credit: tinybuddha.com

#MidnightMadness – 5/2/2017


“The world is a much happier place, with an understanding friend by your side.”  ~M

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The Attributes of God


Today I wanted to talk a little bit about who God really is. Have you ever really thought about what God is like? I have spent years compiling a list of the attributes of God. On days when I feel distant from Him, I reach for my list to see the way the Bible defines Him. Somehow knowing what He is like, gives me more confidence in my relationship with Him. The Bible holds the truth about who He is and what He stands for, so that we can gain a better understanding of Him. I would like to share with you the list that I have put together, and I would also like to know if any of you have something to add to the list and where it can be found in the Bible. Here’s my list:

God is….

  • A consuming fire – Hebrews 12:29
  • My strong fortress – 2 Samuel 22:33
  • Spirit – John 4:24
  • Love – 1 John 4:8
  • Great – Psalm 147:5
  • Abundant in strength – Psalm 147:5
  • Understanding – Psalm 147:5
  • The first – Isaiah 44:6
  • The last – Isaiah 44:6
  • The only God – Isaiah 44:6
  • The maker of all things – Isaiah 44:24
  • The head of Christ – 1 Corinthians 11:3
  • A God of peace – 1 Corinthians 15:33
  • Light – 1 John 1:5
  • A Jealous God – Deuteronomy 4:24
  • A witness between you and me – Genesis 31:50
  • A compassionate God – Deuteronomy 4:31
  • The faithful God – Deuteronomy 7:9
  • Just – 2 Thessalonians 1:6
  • A warrior – Exodus 15:3
  • My strength – Exodus 15:2
  • My song – Exodus 15:2
  • My salvation – Exodus 15:2
  • Majestic in holiness – Exodus 15:11
  • Awesome in praises – Exodus 15:11
  • Highly exalted – Exodus 15:21
  • A victorious warrior – Zephaniah 3:17
  • The shepherd and the guardian of our souls – 1 Peter 2:25

Do any of these attributes speak to your heart more than another? The last two are my favorite… He is a victorious warrior and the shepherd and guardian of my soul. Who could want anything more? Please feel free to add your attributes of God in the comments section and also add the reference for where you found the attribute. I would love to add more to my ever growing list!

I also found this as I was researching…


This list was found at: thethirdcross.wordpress.com

Originally posted: March 6, 2016

Going the distance


Sad and distant grows the weary tune

The clickety clack now hardly a tap

Remorseful in her glum temperament

Still she dares not begin to turn back

For onward she must chug along

Continuing on her chosen course

And even though the hills are steep

She’s still a strong reckoning force

The grime and filth still covers her

And her stacks are in need of repair

But this little engine will never give up

As long as the mission is still there


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Masquerading through countless days and nights

Appearance faithfully veiled from those in sight

Shroud of exquisite lace hides her radiant allure

Keeping her beauty untouched and forever pure


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit:  http://www.womeninthebible.net

The Daily Post/Daily Prompt – Mask

Following or failing?



“If you feel yourself failing, than you probably aren’t following. Be faithful and follow the One who created you.” ~M


Photo credit:  johnbell360.wordpress.com

Memorial Day Tribute – Freedom Isn’t Free


“Little Sailor” – Robert Warren Gordon

In honor of my grandfather, who served in the United States Navy in WWII.  You will never be forgotten and will always be remembered as a man with great faith and courage.  Love and miss you grandpa!

Freedom Isn’t Free

What was your reason for giving your life
Didn’t you know that it would bring awful strife
Why couldn’t you see that we needed you here
Now you’re gone and were left in despair
Couldn’t you have left this mess to a brother
Why did it have to be you to give his life for another
We needed you here, why couldn’t you agree
Did you just strive for the ultimate victory
Or was there another reason that we couldn’t understand
Maybe it was your love and devotion for this entire land
Honor to your country, duty, respect and above all love
Could those have been the reasons you now look from above
Maybe we should reconsider our image of you
And give you credit where credit is due
You gave your life so that we could live free
Thank you dear soldier for loving me.

By, Michelle Cook