A reminder to myself…


“A true friend loves unconditionally and expects nothing in return.” ~M


Originally posted: January 27, 2016

Photo credit: tinybuddha.com

16 responses to “A reminder to myself…

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    So simply and articulately stated. Now where to find one…

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    • Just be that type of friend and others will follow in your footsteps… 😉

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      • Advanced Research Technology

        I think I’ve loved unconditionally, but maybe I need to improve on the expecting nothing in return part. Thanks! 😉

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        • I think that’s the hard part right there. It’s easy for me to love others, but when it isnt reciprocated, I feel so defeated. I suppose this is how Jesus feels… He loved the world so much that he gave His life for all of us and people still don’t return that love to Him. We could never give as much as He did and we still feel that others owe us something in return. We have to change ourselves and love without expectations before others will do the same. People need to be taught how to love, it doesn’t just come naturally from selfish hearts.

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          • Advanced Research Technology

            Well said. Totally relate. It’s the loneliness that get’s us. We are so connected today, as we are in the present moment, but many of us do not actually know a single living soul which we consider to be more than a casual friend. It is an interesting place. Yes, reciprocation would be appreciated, but it is better if not expected. Christ knows this.

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