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Featured Writer – Heidi Baker



Fully Their Own

Laundry can wait for morning.

Sleet bouncing on the rooftop is for pajamas,

yawning, soft music, letting legos in their piles

be uniquely organized floor ornaments.

I gather another brownie,

a second cup of coffee, my breath in one large motion

before curling up beside the space heater,

snug in a crocheted blanket.

Dark comes early, whispering, “Slow down, listen,

look up and see the children grow

a little more amazing

every minute.”

I stare so long each one asks, “Mom, what?”

I smile, just barely remembering we once shared a body,

then lightning-aware that these children

are fully their own.


Written by, Heidi Baker


To read more of Heidi’s lovely words, please visit her website at: http://heidibethbaker.weebly.com/

And you can also purchase her book on Amazon by clicking, here.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

This one’s for you…


For the one who’s imprisoned in so much darkness that they can’t see through.

For the one who’s lost in a sea of emptiness trying their very best to make do.

For the one who is laughed at and ridiculed daily, and long ago withdrew.

For the one who feels alone because heartfelt loving words are long overdue.

For the one who feels worthless and ashamed because of a life of blame, it’s untrue.

For the one who feels unloved and unaccepted and just wants someone to run to.

For the one who’s dying inside and desperately hoping that God is really true.

For the one who has hopes and dreams and is just waiting for a chance to breakthrough.

This one’s for you…

Never give up and never forget that you are worth so much more than you could ever imagine.

God loves you more in a single moment, than anyone else could love you in a lifetime.

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: January 15, 2016

Photo credit:  http://www.successandfailure.net

You matter to me.


One of the reasons I finally decided to start a blog, was to be able to share what’s on my heart with others. I also wanted to be able to leave a little piece of me behind, so that there is some small memory of what was important to me after I’m gone.  I am hopeful that the memories left behind here, will in some small way make a difference in your life. You never know how words can speak to people. Sometimes it’s the simplest things you might say, that can make all the difference in the world to someone.

Words are powerful and have the ability to cause war or bring about peace. I want the words I write to bring hope and never despair. I hope the words I share with you are words you need to hear.  If you’re reading this, I want you to know that you matter, even if you think you don’t. I want you to remember that this life is temporary and a greater life is still ahead. Don’t lose your heart in the things of this world, for your reward will never be found here.

Keep your faith in trying times and remember that life doesn’t always make sense. Accept the fact that there are things in this life which you will never fully understand. Try to stay positive and know that there is a God who loves you and who wants you to know Him.  He understands your daily struggles, for He has suffered through this life as well. In fact, He suffered more than the rest of us and has never asked any of us to suffer as much as He did.

We have to stop blaming God for the mistakes we’ve made, and realize that He isn’t the one causing our misery. It’s always easy to blame somebody else when life isn’t taking you down the road you hoped for. Don’t be misled, you can turn around and walk in the opposite direction at any point in your life. Seek Him first and you will always find the answers you are looking for. Just as Jesus loves me, I love you, my friend… I really do… ~M xoxo

Originally posted: August 9, 2015

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Featured Writer – Devereaux Frazier


Reflections In Morning Light


I wake up

and see the morning sun

Feel the rays warm cold skin

as curtains are parted in joy

All around me, life is sounding

birds tweeting, cats meowing

and people going to work

As I wake up

my heart beats faster

my head swivels, preparing for the day

my hands readied for this game

Inside me is stirring

sad bowels

wise as owls

I shouldn’t have eaten that day old salad

Waking up

I notice the many emails from the night

Comments from you

appreciating how and what I write

Fully awaken

with goals to be taken

and expectations to be shaken

I am grateful for the light

It keeps me warm

it keeps me in the right

it keeps me


Written by, Devereaux Frazier

*Devereaux is a wonderfully talented teen writer, who has become such a blessing to me and my family.  You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see more of his creative writing.  Please visit his blog here.

Photo credit: pixabay.com




Wishing on a star…


Twinkle twinkle little star
Out beyond the world so far
Do you see me standing here?
Reaching out to pull you near?
I’m making a heartfelt wish
Under the flicker of your light
Praying that you’ll stay with me
All through this cold winter night
Send your shimmering love
Straight down here to set me free
Please set it lovingly ablaze
For all the world to see

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

The Proposal


Dainty hearts and flowers

Fill the love-sick air

As inquisitive gawkers

Stop blatantly to stare

Love has certainly blossomed

Of this there is no doubt

And a radiating fervor

Can be felt throughout

Like a spreading disease

A contagious warmth now flows

And where it’s coming from

Nobody really knows

The onlookers look stunned

None daring to breathe

And what they’re witnessing

Is too overwhelming to believe

Finally the question is asked

As droplets fall to the ground

And even those fallen teardrops

Dare not make a sound

For in this heartfelt moment

Anticipation is unleashed

And all strain to hear the words

Which are eventually released

An answer is requested

A simple yes or no

And for the awkward fellow

Everyone hopes it is a go

Then finally the silence is broken

By a simple yet crucial phrase

Leaving the poor young chap

In a bit of an astonished daze

For he didn’t really believe

Her final response would be yes

And yet thankfully so

He now feels completely blessed

For his sweetie has actually agreed

To be his girl for life

To forever hold his hand

And be his loving wife

The smiles on their faces

Show they’re as happy as can be

For they’ve finally agreed

To a union known as…… “We.”



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: unitedwithlove.com