Love and friendship…


“Never forget that love and friendship go hand and hand. So don’t be afraid to tell your friends you love them. After all, it could be the only time they ever get to hear those heartfelt words.” ~M

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14 thoughts on “Love and friendship…

  1. I have felt that way towards certain friends in the past, but I have been too afraid to say it, because I’m so afraid of being rejected or misunderstood. But there really is a special kind of love that comes with friendship, isn’t there? ❤

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    1. Yes, there is. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had too many friendships where the other person hesitated to tell me that they loved me. So reciprocating those words is easier then, since you already know they’re ok with saying those words. Nowadays many are too afraid to express how they feel, fearing political correctness and such. I’m just me though… I tell my friends I love them if I really do and I don’t worry if they don’t say it back. I just need them to know how much I care. It seems wrong to me if I don’t tell them. ❤️


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