Day 4 of our 21 day adventure

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After three days of exploring our country from dawn until dusk, today we are taking it easy. It’s 11:00 a.m. and we just finished eating breakfast here at the Sleep Inn, in Idaho Falls. We only have a four-hour drive today, with our final destination being Orem, UT. We are excited to make our way to Orem, which is just outside of Salt Lake City. We are planning to stay in Orem for a couple of days so that we can get a good feel for what the area is like. I am hopeful that this may be another place that we can add to our list of possible places to move to.

IMG_0534 copy for WPUnfortunately, the drive to Orem, is leaving me a little bit disappointed. The traffic reminds me of big city living and It’s hard to navigate through the streets due to the high level of traffic on the roads. Thankfully, it doesn’t take us long to make it to our hotel. The unfortunate part is, our hotel is being completely renovated both inside and out. The ruts in the street are so deep, that driving through them is difficult. When we enter the hotel, the lobby is completely torn apart and the hustle and bustle of construction is happening all around us. We are quickly regretting our decision to stay here for two days, but are trying to stay positive. After attempting to check-in an hour early, we are told that we will have to wait.

IMG_0552 copy for WPWe decide to head out and explore the area while we wait. I remember reading about a place called Bridal Veil Falls and so we decide to see if we can find it. After about 20 minutes of driving, we have made our way to the entrance that leads to the falls. A bike trail weaves its way around the base of the hills and we walk along the bike path, taking in the beauty of the trees and listening to the rushing waters of a creek that flows alongside the trial. It’s nice to be out of the city traffic and away from the construction work, but the temperature is over 100 degrees and quickly zapping the energy right out of me. The walk is easy though and it doesn’t take us long to find the base of the falls.

IMG_0546 copy for WPThere are quite a few people here and some are actually trying to hike all the way up to the top of the falls with small children. I have to admit, it’s making me a bit nervous watching the hikers climb their way to the top. There isn’t a path leading up to the top of the falls and the terrain is extremely rocky and steep. The falls are beautiful, but it is definitely not tranquil here. There are about 100 people trying to cram into the water that is accumulating at the base of the falls. It doesn’t take long for me to feel overwhelmed by the heat of the day and the crowds of people, so we head back after a taking a short walk past the falls.

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The traffic is even worse on our way back to the hotel, and after checking in, we decide that we need to plan something different for tomorrow. After talking it over, we agree to head to Las Vegas a day early and we decide to make reservations at the Luxor hotel. After making reservations and cancelling our extra day in Orem, we head out to find a place to eat dinner. After driving around for a while, we finally settle on Smash Burger. Their food is okay, but not something to write home about. After finishing up dinner, we head over to the local mall which is located within a mile of our hotel. After perusing the shops, we decide to head back to the hotel to watch a movie. Today wasn’t the most memorable day, but we are certainly looking forward to tomorrow and excited for the days ahead.

10 thoughts on “Day 4 of our 21 day adventure

  1. Your photos didn’t reflect your disappointment. For me you were still like having fun climbing those hills lol. (Just for the beautiful pictures)

    I hate traffic actually. Plus on the hot day, I could have a sudden explosion of anger bursting out of me. The only thing that would keep me calm is the excitement or something that I have never experienced before. But I admit the first picture looks dangerous I might probably not going myself.

    There are still good things that you have seen though it might not be the best day for your adventure.

    Let’s see your next days of adventure will be 🙂

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    1. This was still a really great day and we were blessed to be there in Utah and able to see some beautiful places that day. I would trade any of my ordinary days here at home for another day there. Traffic and all! Compared to the rest of the days on the trip though, day four was definitely my least favorite. The rest of the days were just beyond comparison. Can’t wait to share the rest of the days with you! Trying to find the time to share them all. 🙂 Heat always gets to me too! We only had one day when we got on each others nerves and it was because of the heat of the day that triggered it.

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      1. Right you know I hate hot weather. I know it’s the source of my uncomfortable feeling when traveling elsewhere.

        I can’t wait to see more of course. There should be 17 more days of surprise from you not to mention if there would be a, b or c on a special long day activity.

        Bring it on I will read them all! Beautiful pictures too I can’t wait to see more 🙂

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        1. Thanks Raymond for such kind words and for taking the time to read. It takes an enormous amount of time to write about the time we spent on this trip and it’s good to know that people such as yourself are reading and enjoying what I have written. I don’t feel so much like I am talking just to myself. 🙂 I especially want to share these experiences with people that don’t have the opportunity to see these places for themselves. I hope that you will have a better understanding of what these places are like and one day I hope that you can see these places firsthand! Who knows, maybe one of the places you visit will be near me! 😉

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          1. You know how I am interested about travelling stuffs.

            Of course I am looking forward to it. There is never a limitation for me of going back to America. I would be very interested to visit those places 🙂

            Your posts of course will bring a better insight for my future travel or at least if I forgot some of the places name or if the places name does ring a bell one day, I know exactly where to look 🙂

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            1. I hope you find the time for a visit! My second oldest daughter will be going to Nepal soon and my oldest daughter gets back from Thailand this month. Both of them will be world travelers before I ever get the chance! 🙂


  2. Smash Burger was supposed to fantastic everyone said. We went there and felt we overpaid and got not much in return. Sorry you had so many problems on this day of the trip.

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    1. We had high hopes for this area. It was one of the places we expected to be able to move to, and in the end it was such a disappointment. I ended up getting the chicken sandwich at Smash Burger and it really wasn’t that good and yes, they were overpriced for what you got.

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