Only a true writer can appreciate this…


“There’s a freedom found in writing that cannot be found anywhere else and the more you write, the more you fall in love with writing. I love when I’m in the middle of creating a poem or a story and there’s that moment when the words just spill out over the page.  It’s as if by some magical spell that the words have taken on a mind of their own and I am just simply the wand bearer, watching the words appear out of nowhere.” ~M



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22 thoughts on “Only a true writer can appreciate this…

  1. I cannot write any other way! I just put on some music, close my eyes, and start slapping at the keyboard. If I am too conscious of what I am writing, I will doubt myself and get nothing done. It truly does feel like magic. I look at what I’ve written and wonder, “Why did I write that?”

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    1. Isn’t it the strangest thing? Most of the time I look back at what I’ve written and think to myself… there is no way I could have written that! But then of course I did and I can’t believe it. So strange and yet so wonderful… I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing what it feels like to work real magic. 🙂

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    2. And I agree with you about the too conscious thing… I couldn’t write anything last night because I was trying too hard. Everything I started was complete garbage. I gave up and posted this instead. I keep back up quotes I have written, for times when I can think of nothing else.

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  2. Yes… Very true.. Can feel this… Been through this many a times… Love the feeling when words just flow down from our brains on the paper, so that they can settle in the hearts of readers, when the reads them.. 🙂

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