Unmistaken Beauty



“On the inside our bodies are mostly the same, so why does the outside seem to matter so much more?” ~M


37 thoughts on “Unmistaken Beauty

  1. Hi, Michelle! I was over at my dear cousin Ana’s blog and saw she linked to you and I thought it’s been too long since I visited last. And of course, I was greeted with my favorite subject, the beauty within. Anyone that truly loves with their heart, mind, and soul must surely know that love is not a shape or shade but the exquisite sum of who we are when the adornments and image projection are stripped away. To know that beauty in the ones we hold dear, to me is the greatest gift people can share.

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    1. Hi D! It’s so good to hear from you! I’m glad you liked this one. May I quote you from this? You know I’m always looking for a good quote… and I really like how you summed this up… beautifully said! I’ve really been changing up my blog lately and I’m not really sure where to take it from here. I need to head over to your blog and see what I’ve been missing. It’s been way to long! 😉

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      1. Oh flattery will get you everywhere! Please feel free to quote whatever you like. I’ve been working since August last year. Up at 4:00 am and in bed at 9:00 pm. Not much going on but work. But, I have managed to put up a few blog posts. Be glad to have you over anytime. 😀

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        1. Great! Than I plan to quote you! Can I use your real name or should I use your blog name? You work too much D! I’m gonna be in Florida in May… if you live near Orlando, we should meet up for coffee. I’m bringing the whole gang, so you could meet them all! Have a good night and take care my friend! ~M 🙂

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          1. You can use my real name if you like. I have a cousin in Orlando. Normally, I’m in Tallahassee. That would be nice to have a good coffee and chat to meet you and your lovely family. have a great rest of weekend!

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            1. Well we should plan for it then… hubby likes the idea and we are going down there to have a reunion with several of our old Army buddies. I will email you the details and maybe we can make it work. 🙂

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            2. Oh! Well, Orlando should be fun then. Lots to see and do there. You have to see the alligator farm. Of course, Disney is well established there.

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            3. That is a time. I’m lucky. I hired all of my Army buddies and they transitioned to civil service in the Army. Now I work for them and it’s an uproarious good time every day.

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            4. Me! LOL, oh no. I’m in the last stages of forgetful geezerdom. I’ve entered the eccentric stage of life.I is entertaining though. 😀

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