Unmistaken Beauty



“On the inside our bodies are mostly the same, so why does the outside seem to matter so much more?” ~M


37 responses to “Unmistaken Beauty

  1. Hi, Michelle! I was over at my dear cousin Ana’s blog and saw she linked to you and I thought it’s been too long since I visited last. And of course, I was greeted with my favorite subject, the beauty within. Anyone that truly loves with their heart, mind, and soul must surely know that love is not a shape or shade but the exquisite sum of who we are when the adornments and image projection are stripped away. To know that beauty in the ones we hold dear, to me is the greatest gift people can share.

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  3. A thought provoking question. What is REAL beauty? It’s what’s on the inside that counts most.

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  4. More of the world needs to know your message and we can make a change of attitude. You are now and always will be beautiful. Think it, believe it and say it.

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  5. My daughter leads a school which encompasses beauty in regards to our identity in Christ. Check it out! http://www.beautyarise.org/


  6. Yes, you are beautiful dear! 🙂

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