October Writing Prompt Participants


Well, we had another great month of writing and the response was even greater than last month.  We had a few extra people join in on the fun this time around, and I want to congratulate, Dorinda Duclos, Grant Fenton, and Tessa Smeigh for completing every single prompt!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read their work, please take a moment to visit their websites.

Like last month, I’ve included the links to all the participating prompt writers below.  I apologize ahead of time if I missed adding some of the links.  It’s getting harder to keep track now, with so many of you participating.  So, please let me know if I happened to miss any, and I’ll be happy to make the correction and add your link to the list.

You all did a great job and I feel so privileged to be part of a community of such amazing and wonderful writers!  I hope you’ll continue to write with me for the remainder of this year and into the next.  Much love to all of you!  ~M  xo

Links of participating prompt writers:

Day 1 – Itsy bitsy spider
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/01/prey-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/01/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-1st-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/19/itsy-bitsy-spider/

Day 2 – Moonlight reflections
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/02/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-2nd-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/02/moonlight-reflections-octoberwriting-poetry/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/moonlight-reflections/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/19/mykui-7-moonlight-reflections/

Day 3 – Flabbergasted
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/03/surprise-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/03/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-3rd-2017/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/flabbergasted-horses/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/19/flabbergasted/

Day 4 – Pink persuasion
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/04/morning-yawns-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/04/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-4th-2017/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/pink-persuasion/
Sweet Aroma – https://onetahayes.com/2017/10/04/pink-pansy-persuasion/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/pink-persuasion/

Day 5 – Fragile whispers
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/05/fragile-whispers-octoberwriting-poetry/
Sweet Aroma – https://onetahayes.com/2017/10/05/the-last-fragile-whisper/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/05/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-5th-2017/
Afterwards – https://afterwards.blog/2017/10/06/fragile-whispers/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/fragile-whispers/

Day 6 – Dandelion dreams
Sweet Aroma – https://onetahayes.com/2017/10/06/a-dandelions-dream/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/06/friday-fantasy-dandelion-dreams-octoberwriting-poetry/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/dandelion-dreams/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/06/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-6th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/dandelion-dreams/

Day 7 – The journey beyond
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/07/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-7th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/07/the-journey-beyond-octoberwriting-poetry/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/07/the-journey-beyond/
Sweet Aroma – https://onetahayes.com/2017/10/07/im-glad-i-did-not-die-link/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/the-journey-beyond/
Emerging Destiny – http://emergingdestiny.com/2017/10/23/the-journey-beyond/

Day 8 – Red velvet
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/08/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-8th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/08/blush-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Sweet Aroma – https://onetahayes.com/2017/10/08/red-velvet-bible/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/red-velvet/

Day 9 – Shadows of doubt
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/09/shadows-of-doubt-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/09/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-9th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/shadows-of-doubt/

Day 10 – Spilt milk
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/10/spilt-milk-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/10/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-10th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/spilt-milk/

Day 11 – Portions of time
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/11/portions-of-time-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/11/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-11th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/mykui-8-portions-of-time/

Day 12 – Vacant stare
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/vacant-stares/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/12/vacant-stare-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/12/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-12th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/vacant-stare/

Day 13 – A touch of whimsy
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/13/a-touch-of-whimsy-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/13/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-13th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/a-touch-of-whimsy/

Day 14 – Sardine soup
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/14/sardine-soup-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/14/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-14th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/sardine-soup/

Day 15 – Goblins and ghouls
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/15/goblins-and-ghouls-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/15/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-15th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/goblins-and-ghouls/

Day 16 – Hints of pleasure
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/hints-of-pleasure/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/16/frolicking-dailyhaikuchallenge-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/16/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-16th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/hints-of-pleasure/

Day 17 – Insurmountable
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/17/the-quest-octoberwriting/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/17/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-17th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/insurmountable/

Day 18 – Sickly sweet
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/18/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-18th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/18/sickly-sweet-octoberwriting-poetry/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/tanka-1-sickly-sweet/

Day 19 – Folds of forever
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/19/folds-of-forever-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/19/folds-of-forever/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/19/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-19th-2017/

Day 20 – Lickety-split
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/20/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-20th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/20/taken-by-the-wind-octoberwriting-poetry/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/23/lickety-split/

Day 21 – Icy tears
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/21/icy-tears-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/21/icy-tears/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/21/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-21st-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/24/icy-tears/

Day 22 – Rainbow wishes
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/22/dancing-shadow/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/22/rainbow-wishes-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/22/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-22nd-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/24/rainbow-wishes/

Day 23 – Floating lanterns
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/20/hindi-poem-floating-lanterns/
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/23/floating-lanterns/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/23/floating-lanterns-octoberwriting/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/23/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-23rd-2017/

Day 24 – A sliver of hope
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/24/a-sliver-of-hope/
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/23/a-sliver-of-hope/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/24/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-24th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/24/a-sliver-of-hope-octoberwriting-poetry/

Day 25 – Skipping stones
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/24/skipping-stones/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/25/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-25th-2017/
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/25/skipping-stones/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/25/skipping-stones-dailyhaikuchallenge-octoberwriting-poetry/

Day 26 – Tangled webs
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/24/tangled-web/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/26/tangled-webs-octoberwriting-poetry/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/26/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-26th-2017/
Smell the Coffee – https://smellthecoffeeweb.blog/2017/10/27/tangled-web/

Day 27 – Scribbles and dribbles
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/25/scribbles-and-dribbles/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/27/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-27th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/27/legacy-octoberwriting-poetry/

Day 28 – The twisted plot
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/26/the-twisted-plot/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/28/the-twisted-plot-octoberwriting-halloween-poetry/
The Rock in the River – https://therockintheriver.wordpress.com/2017/10/28/plot-twist/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/28/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-28th-2017/

Day 29 – Crispy cakes and stomach aches
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/28/crispy-cakes-and-stomach-aches/
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/29/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-29th-2017/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/29/crispy-cakes-and-stomach-aches-octoberwriting-poetry/

Day 30 – Fantastical beasts
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/30/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-30th-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/30/fantastical-beasts/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/30/fantastical-beasts-octoberwriting-halloween-poetry/

Day 31 – Slurps and burps
Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! – https://tessacandoit.com/2017/10/31/october-writing-prompts-by-michelle-october-31st-2017/
Inalienable Write – https://inalienablewrite.com/2017/10/30/mykui-10-slurps-and-burps/
Night Owl Poetry – https://dorindaduclos.com/2017/10/31/slurps-and-burps-octoberwriting-poetry/

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

23 thoughts on “October Writing Prompt Participants

  1. I think this program of writing is brilliant. You are just wonderful for organising the way you do. Thank you for the great prompts and thanks for sharing the other writers. There is some great stuff amongst them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… you are such an encouraging person. I love how upbeat and positive you always are. I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful writers all writing alongside me. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s awesome to hear!!! I wish I could say the same for myself, but I’ve had a bit of bad luck with my health this week and have yet to even start on my novel. I would love to proof your book once it’s done. All of my contact information can be found on my Gravatar when the time comes and you want to share it. Keep going! Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hope you’re feeling better now. I can’t wait to read yours. I’m actually about to post some excerpts just to see if people respond to the content. I’d love any feedback you might be able to give.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. No, unfortunately I’m not… but isn’t that just life. Never wants to cooperate. Lol… I’m going to try to write something tonight if my brain can only focus. My medication makes me really sleepy and so it’s hard to concentrate. I will stop by later and take a look. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope it is something that will change soon, or at least be something you manage well. I’ll keep good thoughts in my mind for you. Take your time and don’t be rushed into solving anything ‘right now’. Rest and when you’re able, I’ll be here with stuff to read and ready to read anything you can write.

              Liked by 1 person

            3. Lol… thank you. Great advice… Only about 500 words at this point. So not a very good start, but at least it’s an attempt. I haven’t done any preplanning, so we’ll see where this goes. 😉


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