May Writing Prompts


Phew!  I almost forgot to get these done!  Lol… Guess I’m gonna start needing more reminders in my old age.  😉  Thank you Dorinda Duclos for reminding me this month.  ❤️

And if you’re new to the prompt scene, here’s what I like to do with them…

To begin, settle into your favorite place in the house with a hot drink to warm your waking bones.  Once you’ve warmed up a bit; grab your journal, a trusty pen, and a timer.  Then, set your timer for ten minutes and begin writing about one of the prompts listed below.  Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, neatness, or anything like that; just write!  Write about anything and everything that comes to your mind, and don’t stop until the ten minutes are up.

I often find myself writing short stories or poems during those ten minutes, but you can write about anything you like.  And don’t be alarmed if what you’ve written doesn’t quite make sense.  The whole idea behind doing this exercise is to get your mind ready and working so that you can begin your day.  Just think of it as exercise for your brain, and once you’ve done your ten minutes of writing, you’ll feel more prepared to tackle the rest of your day.

Have a great month of writing everyone!  ~M xo

1. The in-between
2. Senseless sacrifices
3. Liquid love
4. Time binging
5. Morphing into magma
6. Crystal clear consolations
7. Popsicle periscopes
8. Saturated pleasantries
9. Cylindrical circumstances
10. The pendulum of posterity
11. Witchy warts
12. The spotted speck
13. Glass houses
14. Cloudy dimensions
15. Rinky dinky
16. Fight or flight
17. Bavarian cream dreams
18. Forgotten ruins
19. Bottled bliss
20. Leathery lies
21. Artichokes and anchovies
22. The night of nin
23. Window of warning
24. Pastel perspectives
25. Frilly frocks
26. The century of certainty
27. Hobnobbed
28. Hickory and dickory
29. Candy curtsies
30. Velvety violets
31. Anchored avenues

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I’m back!

I made it back safely after three glorious weeks of freedom from my normal humdrum life.  I loved every minute of my time away, but now I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.  I didn’t have internet access for the majority of the time that I was gone.  So, I apologize for not being able to keep up with reading all of your blogs, and I promise to do my best to catch up at some point.  For now, I wanted to send a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to submit story submissions for Monotony-free Mondays.  Please go here, if you would like to enter the current weekly contest for this.  Also, to give you a teaser of what’s to come…IMG_1989I will be sharing my travel adventures with all of you, just as soon as I catch up with a few things here at home.  Have a great weekend!