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Borrowed Heart


I borrowed your heart for a day

I desperately needed the time away

And although there wasn’t much to say

You listened and cried with me anyway

Now I can only hope and pray

That eventually I will find my way

Thanks for lending your heart for a day


Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 24, 2016

Photo credit: ccpc.dlinkddns.com

The Daily Post/Poem prompt – Borrowed



Who is this I see…

The one

Staring back at me

Blurred picture

Such an ordinary fixture

Quite insignificant

A forgotten participant

Nothing more than normal

Always drab and informal

Easily missed

Does she even exist?

Written by, Michelle Cook

Originally posted: April 16, 2016

Photo found at: pinterest.com

Discover Challenge – Identity

Reality is a hard pill to swallow…


In our world today

It’s hard to be pleased

So many are often unhappy

Almost none are appeased

Countless people believe

They deserve to have it all

Reality finally hits them

In that last fateful fall


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post Prompt – Pleased

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She ruled her household

With an iron fist

Her tenacity in all things

Just couldn’t be missed


Stubbornly unshakeable

Inflexible and possessive

The true nature of her being

Left her overly obsessive


There were many who disliked her

As she was strong-willed and tough

Yet she continued to persist

Even when the going got rough


Holding true to her form

And with a spunky attitude

She steadfastly persevered

Even when she was booed


Nobody could change

Her obstinate ways

And she remained this way

For all of her days


Written by, Michelle Cook

*And to my husband, who raised an eyebrow after I read this to him and gave me a teasing smirk.  No… this poem isn’t about me!!!  😉  Lol…..  He’s such a meanie!

Writing prompt: Tenacious (By, The Daily Post)

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Tales of the Dark Side – (Part 2, The Broom Incident)

Continued from:  Tales of the Dark Side – (Part 1, The Broom Incident)

It was actually quite comforting to be back home.  Five months of military training had worn me out, and I was excited to have a few weeks off, before having to report to my first permanent duty station.

As I readied the kitchen to steam the spice broom, I began to daydream about a guy I had recently met during AIT.  He had the bluest eyes of anyone I had ever met, and I loved the way they lit up whenever I caught him smiling at me.

Mom didn’t know it yet, but I had actually gotten a tattoo while I was in AIT, and this guy I liked, (Kyle) had actually forked over the money to pay for my tattoo.  He had even told me that he wanted to marry me and had begun working an extra job, in order to save for our future together.  And yet I was still surprised to see twenty-four long stemmed roses delivered to the house earlier that day.  I wondered… could he really be the one?

After becoming lost in my thoughts of Kyle, I soon realized the pot of water had begun to boil.  Grabbing the spice broom, I carefully held it over the steaming pot of water.  The rich spicy scent of cinnamon soon enveloped the tiny kitchen, and I stood there patiently steaming the broom, entranced by thoughts of Kyle and reveling in the euphoric smell which now engulfed me.

All of a sudden, my day-dreamy eyes caught sight of a wisp of smoke, which seemed to be curling up from underneath the broom.  Then, not even a second later, the entire broom burst into flames.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, and for a split second, I had no idea what to do.  I began to panic, shaking the broom violently, hoping this would somehow put the fire out.

I had just been trained on how to: throw a live grenade, operate a machine gun, set up a land mine, fire a grenade launcher, shoot an M16 rifle, survive in a gas chamber, fight off a person using hand to hand combat, stab someone efficiently with a bayonet, and yet for the life of me, I had no idea in this moment, how to put out the blazing fire which was now right in front of me.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, instinct kicked in and I knew what I had to do.  So without another thought, I held onto the broom as tightly as I could and raced to the back door.  I pushed open the glass sliding door as far as it would go and then threw the broom down onto the concrete patio.  I began stomping out the fire as best I could and then ran quickly back inside to get a bucket of water.

The broom was still smoldering when I returned, and yet the water did the trick.  The broom hissed and steamed at me as I doused it with the entire bucket of water.  Looking down, all that was left, was the tightly woven handle of the broom, the rest of it had completely disintegrated into a pile of ash.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, I went back into the kitchen, where a thick haze of smoke now lingered near the ceiling.  I knew my parents were sure to kill me when they returned.  My stupidity had almost cost them their entire house, and I felt like a complete idiot.  So much for the courageous soldier, I thought I had become.  It turned out, I was still the same foolish girl I had always been.

The Daily Post prompt – Instinct

Waves of Ecstasy – #RomanticTuesday


Crystal clear waters

Warm and enticing

The oceans current

Serene and inviting


Turquoise blue sea foam

Drifts lazily along the shore

As enthralled young lovers

Undress and explore


The sea beckons softly

And before very long

The happy young couple

Slips into the beyond


Sliding beneath

The temperate swells

Each transfixed

By the other’s hypnotic spell


Now fully overcome

With passion and desire

Discovering a love

Which will never expire


Moving closer together

On the uprising of the tide

She takes him fully

As he slips deep inside


Ecstasy now shown

Upon his charming face

Completely satisfied

In her amorous embrace


Mesmerized by each other

Lost in a dream all their own

Pleased by this rare moment

To be free and all alone


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Immerse

Photo credit: pixabay.com

I wish…


I wish I could hold all of your kisses

In the palms of my hands

And release them like butterflies

To fly to distant lands


That way no matter

Where I should happen to go

I’d still be able to find them

In those faraway meadows


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Wish

Photo credit: pixabay.com

This road I’m on…


This road I’m on

Guided me to you

One sweet childlike kiss

And I instantly knew


This road I’m on

Brought me to you

Thankfully so

Or I wouldn’t know what to do


This road I’m on

Led me to you

You’re the only one

Who’s pulled me through


This road I’m on

Sent me to you

The stars above

Have changed our view


This road I’m on

Carried me to you

A wondrous place

Where dreams come true


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – The Road Taken

Photo credit: pixabay.com



Hanging back and somewhat unwilling to reveal myself to you

Evading concerns and hoping everything will work out in the end

Slowly reacting, as it’s hard to face the problems which exist

Indecisive and unsure, of where life will take us from here

Tentative to talk to you, for fear of losing what is most important

Afraid of what would happen, if we were completely honest

Nervous about the future and what could potentially happen

Torn between what could be and what most certainly is

Glad this doesn’t represent us anymore 


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Hesitate

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Out of focus

So unclear

This is what happens

When you

Aren’t here


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Blur

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Headed for certain heartache

She risks potential danger

Exposing her heart

To the likes of a stranger


A gambler for sure

She takes a substantial chance

Venturing out on limb

In search of ecstasy and romance


Opportunity knocks

And she rushes to the door

Knowing this connection

Could be headed for more


With shaky uncertainty

She opens the gate

With the prospect of love

She foolishly takes the bait


Wagering the possibility

Of demise and peril

She takes the full plunge

Forgetting to be careful


Taking a shot in the dark

She’s liable to confront ruin

Facing hazardous weather

In a storm she’s now brewin


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post – Writing prompt- Storm

Photo credit: pixabay.com

A lesson on friendship


The rhythmic song and dance

Was none other than a two-faced lie

She wished she’d seen it sooner

Before she kissed her other friends goodbye

Yet being young and immature

She’d only considered one thing

She hadn’t contemplated the cost

Of what alienating her friends might bring

She neglected what was really important

The friends who had stood by her side

And after the heartache was over

There was nobody left in which to confide

Some lessons are hard to learn

When we’re inexperienced and naïve

It’s often a very hard concept

For budding minds to even conceive


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Based on a conversation with my teenage daughter.  Growing up can be so very hard.  My advice to her… always cherish each and every friend, and never choose one over the other.

The Daily Post prompt – Rhythmic

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New Series… Tales of the Dark Side – (Part 1, Childhood Pranks)

Yes, I was the bratty older sister, and anyone who has known me long enough, realizes just how naughty I can be.  Most of my friends and family members know, that if the opportunity arises for me to pull a good prank, I’m usually up for the challenge.  So let me take you back to my senior year in high school…

I had a brother who was an annoying twerp.  Being he was eleven years younger than me, I loathed his presence most days; and since he was much younger, he sort of put a crimp in my bleached blond style.  Especially on one particular day, I remember it well…

I had just gotten home from shopping with my super cool boyfriend, Eddie Spaghetti.  I know… some nickname, but it’s what his sister called him, so it was a name that stuck.  Anyway, Eddie dropped me off at my door, and I went inside wearing my brand new suede jacket.  I had been saving my money from an after school job for months, and even though the jacket was a size too big, I had bought it anyway.  It was exactly what I felt I needed, to properly fit in at school.

I headed for the kitchen, starved from not eating all day, and saw my brother standing there holding a can of coke.  I sauntered over to him, showing off my new look, and said very casually, “What do you think of my new suede jacket?  It only cost me $300.”  Well, that did it, my brother had just taken a huge swig of soda, and he immediately started choking.

Coke began spurting uncontrollably out of his nose and then shot straight out from his mouth, spraying ruthlessly in my direction.  By the end of his choking fit, (yes, you guessed it) I was completely covered in a thick layer of coke spittle.  Or should I say, my new $300 jacket was covered.  My brother immediately started laughing and pointing his finger at me, and in his taunting young voice, he said, “Ha ha… I ruined your new jacket…”

I stood there in shock, trying to absorb what had just happened, and then I suddenly lost all control.  All I knew in that moment, was that my brother needed to be taken down, strangled, and left for dead.  Well, as I was in the process of choking the living hell out of my angelic little brother, my mother happened to show up.

Having just gotten home, she didn’t seem very happy with what she had walked into.  As expected, I got the full ass chewing, about a million crude words hissed at me, and booted into my room where I was grounded for the rest of the day.  I still wanted to kill my brother, but knew I’d never be able to get away with it.  Then the idea of revenge began to seep into my mind.


To be continued… here

The Daily Post prompt – Not Lemonade



Under the hedge

Lurking undetected

Completely hidden

Entirely unsuspected

Mischievous by nature

Stalking her prey

She will certainly

Eat today


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Hideout

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Reminders of an enduring connection


Hundreds of letters

Were eagerly written

By a boy and a girl

Who were thoroughly smitten


Glitter filled envelopes

Often contained

A thousand sparkly hearts

Meant to entertain


A million thoughts were sealed

With enthusiastic kisses

Every hope and dream confessed

Exposed secretly shared wishes


Blossoming love adorned

The many tear-filled pages

As hearts began to overindulge

During various stages


Passion often waged war

On their tender hearts and minds

This sort of love mimicked

That of the permanent kind


After a while they could no longer deny

An everlasting union

As they both knew this wasn’t

Just some made-up illusion


Glittering hearts

Soon entwined

With a traditional toast

Of sparkling wine


And those captured words

Of affection

Still remain as reminders

Of their enduring connection


Written by, Michelle Cook


The Daily Post prompt – Glitter