What the He-double-hockey-sticks is going on here?

My daughter’s love books as much as I do, and so to suggest getting rid of any books in the house is strictly forbidden. Well, somehow I forgot this simple rule this morning. I have been trying to declutter our house and the girls have so many books, that some of them are even piled on the floor in their bedroom. So I was merely suggesting to my third born (15), that instead of getting another bookshelf (we have 8 in our house already) that perhaps we might instead, just go through some of the books and get rid of a few.

Well, within about two seconds of uttering those forbidden words, my forth born (8), comes running down the hallway towards the bedroom.  With a complete look of bewilderment upon her face, she stood there in the doorway looking at me and then to her sister.  Then with hands on her hips, she said, “What’s going on here?!?” I’m sure if she’d been older, the word “Hell” would have been included in that question.

Anyway, after seeing the confused looks upon both of their faces, I decided to say nothing more and dropped the subject altogether. I suppose another bookshelf is in order. Sigh… 🙄

The Daily Post prompt – Simple

15 thoughts on “What the He-double-hockey-sticks is going on here?

  1. Bravo to your children! Forget the clutter, because reading is the brass ring, the key to learning. Want happy and smart children? Keep all the books. Yes, another bookshelf might be a good idea.

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    1. Lol…. yeah, at this point I have to agree. And this has become my mission for the night, to find a bookshelf that will fit into a small space. There’s hardly any wall space left! Lol….

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  2. That’s so cute! They might be more willing to give some up if you suggest a donation to a homeless shelter, or literacy program, or something like that. Books are really needed in those situations. Happy Uncluttering!

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    1. Oh no…. they hoard books like they are pure gold, just like me. Lol…. And one of the reasons we have so many children’s books, is because when I used to help out at the school library, and they would literally just throw hundreds of books away every year. They did this in order to replace them with new and updated books. I couldn’t let them go to waste! So I acquired quite a few from the ones slotted for the trash bin. I couldn’t help it though, I don’t mind dilapidated old books. As long as they’re still readable, they are worth having. 😉

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      1. I know, Michelle. Books are precious. I would hate just throwing them away, but I do like donating to someone else who I know will enjoy them. Your daughters might give some away when someday you make them take all their books to their own apartments! Ha ha.

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        1. Lol…. well my two oldest have left me with bins full of books in the basement. For that “someday” when they may come and get them. Until then I’m the personal guard for those books. Nobody else is allowed to touch or read a single one! Lol…..

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        1. Thanks Jennie…. I read the post to my girls today. My 15 yr old laughed her head off and my 8 yr old just rolled her eyes…. I wonder what their reactions will be in a decade or so….. 😉

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