New Series… Tales of the Dark Side – (Part 1, Childhood Pranks)

Yes, I was the bratty older sister, and anyone who has known me long enough, realizes just how naughty I can be.  Most of my friends and family members know, that if the opportunity arises for me to pull a good prank, I’m usually up for the challenge.  So let me take you back to my senior year in high school…

I had a brother who was an annoying twerp.  Being he was eleven years younger than me, I loathed his presence most days; and since he was much younger, he sort of put a crimp in my bleached blond style.  Especially on one particular day, I remember it well…

I had just gotten home from shopping with my super cool boyfriend, Eddie Spaghetti.  I know… some nickname, but it’s what his sister called him, so it was a name that stuck.  Anyway, Eddie dropped me off at my door, and I went inside wearing my brand new suede jacket.  I had been saving my money from an after school job for months, and even though the jacket was a size too big, I had bought it anyway.  It was exactly what I felt I needed, to properly fit in at school.

I headed for the kitchen, starved from not eating all day, and saw my brother standing there holding a can of coke.  I sauntered over to him, showing off my new look, and said very casually, “What do you think of my new suede jacket?  It only cost me $300.”  Well, that did it, my brother had just taken a huge swig of soda, and he immediately started choking.

Coke began spurting uncontrollably out of his nose and then shot straight out from his mouth, spraying ruthlessly in my direction.  By the end of his choking fit, (yes, you guessed it) I was completely covered in a thick layer of coke spittle.  Or should I say, my new $300 jacket was covered.  My brother immediately started laughing and pointing his finger at me, and in his taunting young voice, he said, “Ha ha… I ruined your new jacket…”

I stood there in shock, trying to absorb what had just happened, and then I suddenly lost all control.  All I knew in that moment, was that my brother needed to be taken down, strangled, and left for dead.  Well, as I was in the process of choking the living hell out of my angelic little brother, my mother happened to show up.

Having just gotten home, she didn’t seem very happy with what she had walked into.  As expected, I got the full ass chewing, about a million crude words hissed at me, and booted into my room where I was grounded for the rest of the day.  I still wanted to kill my brother, but knew I’d never be able to get away with it.  Then the idea of revenge began to seep into my mind.


To be continued… here

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10 thoughts on “New Series… Tales of the Dark Side – (Part 1, Childhood Pranks)

  1. Oh, wow….as I read this, I felt your pain…I really did! I remember, as a teen, buying what I thought were the most fantastic boots (western boots were all the rage at the time), and I bought a tan pair–only to discover (within less than an hour) that they had blistered one toe to the point of bleeding…which resulted in the conspicuous crimson seeping through the leather, irreversibly blotting the perfection of my new boots. In my case, there was no one to blame…and no where to channel my rage at the unfairness of it all…time being what it is, I can laugh now…thanks for the memory and thanks for sharing yours….such a delightful post 🙂

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    1. Oh no! That sounds dreadful…. Oh the frivolities we all had to have back in the day! Lol… I grew up very poor, and why I felt I needed that expensive jacket is beyond me. Unfortunately, I grew up in a tourist town, and a lot of celebrities and wealthy people lived there. It made my high school experience tough, because I came from a poor family, and I didn’t fit in with the “rich kids.” I’m really glad you enjoyed my story, part 2 gets ugly. You won’t believe what I did to my poor brother! 😉

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    1. Thank you Jennie… Part 2 will be posted next Wednesday. I’m going to continuing to write about my childhood memories every week, until either people get sick of my stories, or I run out of ideas. Whatever comes first I suppose. 😉

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