Another Vision


A spiraling tower stood before me; reaching all the way to the sky. A dirt pathway wound its way around the column up to the very top. A vast angry sea surged around the base of the pillar. The misty sea-spray lingered in the damp earthy air. Hundreds of people lined the spiral trail; each one wearing a white linen robe and carrying a warm glowing candle.

The view from below was ethereal and even though the sea was raging below, the silence was deafening. Each candle flickered wildly against the gusty breeze of the violent sea. I watched from afar as the lit candles slowly began to burn out. Everyone walked in a trance-like state, never seeming to notice that their candles were starting to extinguish.

One by one, I watched the little lights become snuffed out. Ringlets of smoke billowed up from the tips of the blackened wicks and yet nobody seemed to notice what was happening. Still they continued to walk up the dusty trail. Each one unemotional and seemingly lifeless. I began to feel afraid for the ones whose lights had gone out. I watched intensely as each person began to make their way to the top of the tower. I hadn’t noticed it before, but those without a lit candle upon reaching the top of the pillar, were immediately cast off into the abyssal depths of the sea by an invisible force.

I realized in that moment that I had to guard my own light as if my life depended on it. I began walking up the pathway myself. All of us were walking inline, one after the other, making our way up to the top. Everyone faced forward and walked in their catatonic-like states; giving little regard to the little white candles in which they were carrying. And yet I was determined to make sure that my light didn’t go out.

I did everything I could to block the draft that was coming off the gusty sea. I cupped my hand around the soft flickering light; the warmth of the flame gave me hope and I walked on. I was determined to make it to the top with my lit candle and I knew I could do it if I just tried hard enough.

I finally made it to the top with my flame still intact. The tower was level at the top and covered by a recessed area that led to a cave. As I looked over the edge of the cliff, I saw thousands of people at the bottom of the pillar. Each one was desperately trying to rid themselves of the icy waters which engulfed them. Their nails scraped at the sides of column. Leaving gouges in the clay soil foundation. The sides of the pillar were smooth and steep though, and made it impossible for anyone to climb out. I realized that I had not seen a single person make it to the top with a lit candle except for myself.

Then I noticed her, one person in particular; she was slowly drowning in the murky waters below. The woman was very beautiful, with fair unblemished skin and long wavy brown hair. Her eyes were closed as she fought to climb out and she looked exhausted from her futile attempts to save herself. Many others crowded around her, each just as unsuccessful as she was.

I watched in horror as each one tried to claw their way to freedom; but instead, each continued to suffer relentlessly. Every person drowned a million times over and yet they never actually died. It seemed they were fated to suffer like this for eternity, and the sadness I felt in that moment left me feeling more pain than I had ever felt before in my entire life.

I felt miserable that I had not been able to save even a single one, and yet somehow I had managed to keep my own light shining, and thus saved myself. The intense loss was heavy on my heart and my grief was more than I could bear. I sank to my knees feeling defeated and hopeless. There was nothing else that I could do.

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23 thoughts on “Another Vision

  1. PS if led to go the full depth. On the BRB bible link site click on through to the hot dogs on the right side top to read the about section which will enlighten you to this developing cut of unsealing the bible.
    None the less it can be used to magnify clarity and enhance understandings which some gain from reading scriptures.!addr

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  2. BTW if you get stuck along the way take time to pause to maybe seeing that when God told Moses to take off his sandals it was not just about the fact that the ground was holy. God also did something to Moses as well! He(God) sanctified him when the holy ground came in to contact with his toes.
    May he sanctify you and family with the same and even more as what he did with Moses!

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    1. Hmmm…. I hadn’t thought about this much before now…. but as true believers in Christ, we are set apart and it’s what gives us the strong desire to want to follow Jesus and to strive to be more like him. Whenever we fall back on our sinful ways, we immediately feel guilt and shame, because the Holy Spirit which dwells within us convicts us of this.


      1. Both are a residual and trace elements of Mystery religion Babylon. Like clumps of damp dirt that gets balled up between the toes leaving a slight uneasiness.
        Keep your toes in the dirt a little longer as he will remove these unwanted stains on your spirit.
        You are called and designed to transformational things. He will show you more as you sink your feet deeper and begin to sense the pure water rising above your feet.!addr=12.47

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  3. Michelle, this is a large bite to digest.

    It will require camping on the fact that our bibles are all sealed.

    So here it goes:

    “Then I noticed her, one person in particular; she was slowly drowning in the murky waters below. The woman was very beautiful, with fair unblemished skin and long wavy brown hair”

    (Think of Statute of Liberty) Now see how she and many other of similar versions of “Christianity” have been exported throughout the world …. all via the Protestant and Catholic based bibles via democratized versions of Christianity”

    Pause here a bit to consider that the Catholic bibles were produced by the Roman emperor who filled in the blanks from the early churches verbal traditions so that it would fit his version of his empire and at the same time reflect some of the early Christian’s stories.

    “Her eyes were closed as she fought to climb out and she looked exhausted from her futile attempts to save herself. Many others crowded around her, each just as unsuccessful as she was.”

    “Save herself” indicates being saved by works and not through faith. This also indicates that a collective( crowds around her) is in the mix of operations( Read Jacob’s- trouble?

    This is still a justification based faith system as what gave rise to the Protestant movement in it’s day. Which is lumped together and has homogenized in to ” Christian culture or ‘ evangelical based “Christianity”.

    All stem from sealed bibles per Daniel 12:4-( read Mystery Babylon)- after all it was in the first world empire that God had him seal the book while knowing that this sealed book absent the base and core truths would get developed by man. Which and would eventually travel throughout all of the ensuing empires and nations. Rome was the last before it broke up and morphed throughout the nations see link below.

    This link is Yahvah’s back story, how God in spite of man’s developing sealed bibles( murky waters) justification faith based still used the nations in this murky faith to mark the tribes under the nations

    Think of Jacob and the tribes scattered throughout the world via these nations while using the sealed bible as the vehicle)

    Think of these nations( tribes)- the nations that they would collectively subjugate and use the murky waters of Christianity( sealed bibles) to control and develop( actually only 13 flavours of Christianized democracy.

    All of course leaving room in their collective cultures for freedom of religion under the Catholic and Protestant faith systems( democratization)

    Water is truth. the woman represents democracy which has been in earnest since the reformation movement the Protestant version of Christianity( read Christianity legitimized via democracy and used for man to build a religious foundation to support his tower of understanding of Christianity so far to date.

    If one can see that this sealed book faith system( democratized Christianity via copy written bibles) is the tower in the dream the collective narrative should be viewed as one if not one of the catalytic issues to give rise to Jacob’s trouble.

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    1. Wow! Thanks for this interpretation. I suppose I will have to take the time to explore these ideas further. This is quite a lot to digest! Thank you… I can see I have a bit of “lite” reading to do. Lol… 😉


      1. It took me weeks to begin to penetrate my skull to begin to even entertain( read think) of the notion that our bibles and thought processes about Yahvah, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit have all been “divinely sealed”
        Than one day DUH!!! so what is it that the book of revelation is actually all about???
        This domain though is made of the same stuff that sticks between you toes as your feet are in the dirt…. thinking, pondering and discerning on.Deep calling to deep….

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        1. You just reminded me of John 3:12… when Jesus is talking to Nicodemus and says… “If I told you earthly things and you do not believe, how shall you believe if I tell you heavenly things.” There will be things that are not revealed to us until the very end, because there is no possible way for us as humans, to understand most of it anyway. God reveals things to us when the time is necessary, never before.


      1. Yes, I read that one too. The symbology in this particular one is very plain. That’s why I wanted to know if it was an actual vision or not.

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          1. I just reread your last vision. I didn’t understand it at first. I’m curious as to what the third part will be. It appears as if you are being presented with choices here, very timely choices.

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            1. Probably, although there isn’t anymore. It was the most recent vision that I wrote about that came to me in 3 parts. First I saw others going up the tower with their lit candles. In the second vision I went up the tower myself. In the third vision, I saw the drowning womans face very clearly and everyone else around her was hard to see. The woman seems like the most important part of the vision to me.

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            2. Oh! I guess I was a little confused about what parts were the vision. I thought you were writing the vision in three posts, but all three parts were in this one post.
              All the same, it is very plain, but at the same time very sad indeed.

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