The dreaded 666

Ok so the number 666 has been occurring way too often today.  First, there was the price of my plane ticket $666.00 (So I opted to add the insurance after I saw that!)  Do you think they purposely planned that price?  Secondly, I received a confirmation number for something that I ordered, which showed 666 as the last and only numeric digits.  Lastly, I was just going to check my Twitter account, and at the top of the page it showed that I had 666 new Tweets.  I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried, unless the clock suddenly reads 6:66…

7 thoughts on “The dreaded 666

  1. I would have bought the insurance, too! I know some Christians think it is just being silly to put any thought to the number, but it is a symbol of the enemy and I don’t dismiss it. It could be the reoccurrence is Satan leaving his calling card, or maybe it is God warning you to be on guard or steer clear of certain things. Maybe it’s some totally benign. Whatever the case may be, I’d be in prayer, seeking God’s face. I WILL be in prayer, for you and your family.

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