The rescue of little girl


Yesterday started out a little bit rough for this little girl.  She hit the window of our house flying about a million miles an hour, trying to escape another young lady who was offended by her presence.

After she smacked the window, she dove for the ground; with her aggressive girlfriend following, and the boyfriend trailing close behind.  Little girl cowered against the fence as the young lady attempted to maul her to death.  Jealousy will do that I guess.  The boyfriend tried to intervene, but got a mouthful and a slap in the face.  So he decided it was best to stay as far up in the trees as he possibly could.

After watching the brutal slaying from afar, I just couldn’t stay away any longer; I knew I had to intervene myself.  Upon reaching the fence where the fight was going on, young lady squawked at me and took off, and poor little girl let me pick her up and carry her inside.  She was completely calm and begged me to help her.  I cleaned her wounds the best I could and finished with some healing ointment.  She smiled at me as I readied a nice comfy bed for her and winked at me as I closed the door.

Later that evening, I went to check on her and she told me she was ready to go home.  I carried her to the front door and we said our goodbyes.  She promised to come visit me once and awhile and sing more of her sweet songs to me.  I in turn, promised to have plenty of birdseed on hand for when she visits next.  It turned out to be a great day after all.

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9 thoughts on “The rescue of little girl

    1. Well she was hard to miss. Sounded like a missile hit the house. Lol…. well maybe not that loud, but I am surprised she didn’t break our window. She hit it pretty hard. Poor girl…

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    1. This is so sweet of you to say…. I don’t live my life worrying about politics or things like that, especially when little birds need rescuing. It’s the little things that matter in life. All other things like Trump, politics, and the madness of the world, is for our maker to worry about. When he gives us a chance to help with the small stuff, I believe we should. God can handle the big stuff and I’m happier letting him. 😉

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    1. I’m hopeful she’ll make it. Her little head took quite a hit and she was still a bit unsteady when she left. As long as she stays away from that other young lady, I think she will be ok. 😉

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