January Writing Prompts


Sorry I’m a little late in the day.  Let’s see if we can do a whole year of these.  😉

1. Shimmers of chartreuse
2. Moonlit excursions
3. Butter brickle
4. Teleporting topless
5. Alphabet stew
6. Sinkholes and sandpaper
7. Pinches of positivity
8. Rusty bearings
9. Thirsty gulps
10. A sea of chardonnay
11. Bankruptcy to Broadway
12. Pestered and polished
13. Glitz and glam
14. Permanently petrified
15. Mountains must move
16. Wild and willful
17. Prickly pears
18. Drips of diversions
19. Spotted cow
20. Knackered and numb
21. Once upon a princess
22. Centerfold sensations
23. Captured in corduroy
24. Felix Fineas
25. Troubling truths
26. Steamy and dreamy
27. Over the esker
28. Dunked and drizzled
29. The bridge beyond
30. Stinging nettles
31. Time before time

If you’re a new participant, please don’t forget to link back to this post so that I can check out your work.  And as usual, I’ll be posting my responses to these prompts over at my other blog, which can be found here:  Her Writing Haven.

180 thoughts on “January Writing Prompts

  1. Gah, every day in December I tried to write something but somehow it just didn’t work out for me! I’ll try harder this month, though. See some fancy ones in there. You did a great job, though, Michelle. I loved your posts! I will try to be more active now 😂

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    1. That’s all any of us can do. We just have to keep on trying. Thank you for participating when you can though, as it inspires me greatly when others write alongside me. 😉 Hope you’re having a wonderful start to this year, and may it be a blessed one for all of us. 🙂

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    1. I had a hard time with these. Lol. It’s difficult making sure not to repeat anything I’ve written before. Plus I waited until the last minute when I needed them done and so then it was harder to come up with them. I guess I don’t do well under pressure. Lol… 😉

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      1. Thanks for the answer. I had forgotten about the second blog. And, yes thank you, I am doing well. Busy but who isn’t? I am surprised but pleased that you are staying with the blog prompts. I know they are a lot of work for you. They are so varied and interesting; I hope to participate some. I don’t expect January to be as (fill in the blank) as November and December. My husband is laughing at the TV; I guess I’ll go see what he is up to. 😀

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