Decluttering your life



“There’s freedom in living with less.” ~M


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  1. little book

    If so led we have archives of teaching and ministry materials along with experience and testimony pertaining to deliverance and healing.

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  2. I need to hang that on my wall lol. I really do have too much stuff!!

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  3. little book

    One of the greatest barriers we have experienced over our 15 plus years is the masonic root. If not familiar with it you can find quite a bit on it. Yeah I know …. But my parents never had anything to do with this stuff.

    the holy Spirit led us to dig in to our family roots to discover that every person who came to this nation was bound in a masonic oath and covenant. this actually was a contract to agree to an indentured servant for either the shipping company or those who financed the boats that came.

    Here is one of the best sources to study if so led.

    Can share much in the way of personal freedom as well as ministry experience as well


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