Long forgotten art projects

Acrylic tiger painting (completed when I was 16 yrs old)

I’ve been thinking about getting back into drawing and painting.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve done much of anything.  The most I seem to accomplish anymore, is explaining certain art techniques to my girls.

Today I came across these old art projects of mine.  I painted the tiger 29 years ago, and I drew the sketch of my oldest daughter when she was 2 years old.  Unfortunately, neither one of these projects has ever been completely finished.

The painting of the tiger was for a class project. There were three of us in the class, who were basically given the same assignment.  We were all told to draw the same tiger, and we were given a photo out of a magazine to share as a reference.  The only difference was, I was assigned the job of painting the tiger, while another girl was told to draw hers using ink, and the boy who was chosen, was told to use pencil.

I have to say, their drawings turned out so much better than my painting.  I wish I had a picture of their completed assignments.  They were both amazingly talented, and I felt quite inferior when I saw their finished results. In fact, the girl in my class, actually won an award for her ink drawing.  I am quite sure she must have gone on, and made a career out of her artistic abilities.

I was quite disappointed, because I ran out of time for completing my assignment.  It was the first time I had ever had the opportunity to do a painting, and so it took me awhile to figure out how to work with the acrylic paints.  Plus, I was in a drawing class at the time, and my teacher decided to have me be the only student to do a painting.  So I really had no idea what I was doing.

My teacher must have known that I’d be able to figure it out though, and so he sent me home with a set of paints to play around with.  I really wish I could have spent more time on the project.   The bottom portion of the painting lacks the detail I wanted to add; but because I was forced to hand the painting in for grading, I had to leave it unfinished.  I remember the day the project was due, I got to class 10 minutes early, just so I could add the whiskers. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Lol…

So what do all of you you think?  Should I attempt to throw myself back into a little bit of artwork once again?  It might be fun to at least designate one night a week for drawing or painting.  I’m still unsure of where to even begin at this point in my life, but I think it would be a nice change of pace once and awhile.

My daughter Caitlyn (approx. age 2)

40 thoughts on “Long forgotten art projects

  1. I felt similar about 6 months ago when I discovered my sketch pad again that had put on dust after having been in a shelf for almost 3 years. Then a friend pushed me to sent her daily sketches which was the best thing that could have happened to me, as now it has become a habit and I draw several times a week and dont want to miss it any more.

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    1. That’s wonderful that you got back into it. Sounds like your friend is a great encouragement to you. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need, someone who knows we can do more and challenges us to try. I’m so happy for you Mel…. may you always continue to follow your passions because that’s what real living is all about. 😉


    1. Thanks Paul, now you’ve gone and made me blush! Lol…. 😉 I’m still on the fence about it, but we’ll see. I suppose what keeps me from it, is ultimately my fear of failure. I wonder if I’ve lost my ability to do anything like this anymore, so I hesitate to even try.

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      1. Nonsense! I’m sure you’re still great. And even if your skills aren’t the same, at least your doing something that once gave you joy. I think that alone makes it worth it.

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        1. Well I suppose I’ll never know unless I try. The thing that really motivates me more than anything, is the fact that I need an illustrator before I can work on a project I’ve been wanting to do. Of course if I could be my own illustrator, this wouldn’t even be an issue. I know I could probably do it, if I brushed up on my skills. Still I hesitate for some silly reason. Like the saying goes… we are our own worst enemy.


    1. Thank you…. I tend to find painting a bit stressful. I am a perfectionist by nature, and so when I can’t get something just right, it stresses me out. I think that’s why I’ve sort of given up on art. It doesn’t come easy for me like it does for others.


  2. You can do a better job at the tiger painting then I could ever do in the drawing. I have tried drawing cats of any size and just can’t seem to capture what I see. You did a beautiful job on the tiger! The drawing of Caitlyn is great too.

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    1. Thank you Kristie! It’s been a very long time since I’ve tried to paint much of anything. Dabbled in watercolors recently and that’s about it.


  3. You thought your painting was inferior?! Dude, that picture of gorgeousness is amazing! There’s emotion in the tiger’s eyes – he looks baleful. How did you put emotion in a two dimensional portrait, when you barely knew how to work acrylic paints?

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    1. This is one of the nicest compliments anyone has ever given me about my tiger. Most people don’t seem too impressed. Lol…. Which is fine, I’m not a glory seeker. But it’s really nice to have somebody mention the eyes. I spent many days working on them. I knew they had to be special, so I sacrificed the majority of my time on the project, just so that I could get them exactly as I wanted.

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    1. Awww….. thanks Jennie. My parents didn’t encourage me to do much of anything. School just wasn’t very important to them. I grew up in a poor family and I don’t think college was even brought up once. Although I did eventually go… I got into the science field instead. Biotechnology…

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        1. That’s very true… it’s never too late. And thank you… I have my tiger sitting in a box in my basement. That’s how amazing I think it is. Lol… I guess that’s why I don’t put forth more of an effort. We always hesitate to explore avenues we’re not as confident with.

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            1. Thank you Jennie… ☺️ I’m the mother of a budding artist too. And I’m encouraging her to go to art school. Of course I just want all of my children to follow their passions in life. I think it’s the key to living a happy life. My oldest two who are now married and gone, are following that advice and couldn’t be happier.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more… and it’s why I’ve been contemplating the idea of doing more of the the things I used to be really passionate about. Also, thank you for reblogging this. Maybe it’ll spur the idea in someone else too! 😉

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  4. I can relate to enjoying so many things and not knowing what to do next! As I age and am letting go of so much of what weighted me down before, I’m finding my spirit seeks and needs to funnel my passion more and more!

    Your artwork is lovely! I say do whatever makes you smile and lights your passionate fire. 💜

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    1. Thanks Angela! It’s always good to find out what we’re really passionate about, and work on those things. When we’re doing what we love, it’s so much easier to feel contentment and happiness. 🙂


        1. I expect most people do… I’ve still got a queen sized quilt I did years ago, all it needs is the backing put on. I never had room at my old house to finish it. In my new house, I have the room to work on it, but not a whole lot of time. It’s always something!Lol…..

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