The way to success…


“You must be eagerly willing to fail, in order to achieve anything in this life.”  ~M


So keep trying and never give up!  😉 xo

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19 thoughts on “The way to success…

  1. This post could not have come at a more perfect time. Just before I read your post, I decided to post my poem “Awaiting” on my blog that I wrote a few weeks ago. I wrote it on one of those mornings when I was feeling hopeless on my quest as a writer. However, as I continued to write, I got the revelation that I just need to keep going because this is my gift. I honestly feel that you could relate to it so I included my link:
    Feel free to subscribe to my blog if you are interested. Thanks again for your encouragement!

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    1. Alyssa, that is so beautiful! I will definitely add you to my list of bookmarked bloggers and try to visit your page more often. You have such a beautiful way with words and I can really relate to what you’ve written. Thanks for sharing your heart with me! ❤️

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