Our Desperate Search for Superiority


Topic of interest:
When we bow to Christ’s true superiority we no longer need to seek our own.
Speaking about the passages found in John 4:1-45.

My teenage daughter’s response:
Sure, we are not superior, but as humans created in the image of God, we are always going to search for it. To create, to live, to know… it comes from a small wanting inside all of us to be like God.

Is it terrible to want to be like God? No, because we as humans strive to be like the people we think of as great. It is not terrible to strive for greatness. It is only when that greatness consumes us that we forget why we wanted it in the first place.

Great and terrible people throughout history have strived for this unreachable greatness to the point of madness. To be like God and to be God, are two different points. Though they both sound equally good, one is always available and one never is.

~Brianna Cook (Age 16)

Photo credit: pixabay.com

23 thoughts on “Our Desperate Search for Superiority

  1. A good, healthy perspective. I once heard the question, “If iron sharpens iron, does the age of it matter?” I remember how the Pharisees told Jesus, “You are not yet 30 years old, and do you preach to us?” ( or something like that. They were mad at Him.) Keep up the good work, young lady!

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    1. Lol… Thanks Ivor… I just told her what you said and she’s having a good laugh about it. I think she will be great at whatever she ends up doing. 😉


    1. I realized that last night while she was reading me her notes from a recent study she attended. Which is why I decided to share what she had written. She always makes me think beyond that which I normally would. Love her insight on so many subjects.

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