Chances are…


“Some people miss so much because they’re afraid to take a chance.”  ~M

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13 thoughts on “Chances are…

  1. I’ll admit that I do miss far too much because I am afraid to act, but that picture? There are a whole lot of “NO!”s associated with that 😉 I’m afraid I’ll miss out on that one too…

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      1. The Photoshopping is very well done, but the image comes to life because of your interpretation of it with your one-line “poem”, That’s what makes it go from “Cool” to “Yikes!”

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        1. You think? 😉 I hesitated to even choose that photo. It’s so hard to even look at it. Lol… I keep picturing my girls out there on that rope, and think to myself… “What kind of parent would let their child take a chance like that?” I’m so glad it isn’t real.

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