Exquisite, Resplendent, Pulchritudinous?

Photo found at : Pinterest
Photo found at : Pinterest

How would you describe this photograph?

Only more 61 more days until I get to visit this heavenly realm! 

Can anyone guess where this is? 

31 thoughts on “Exquisite, Resplendent, Pulchritudinous?

            1. I will take lots of pictures! I have a camera, just not the nicest one. I think it will do for now though, at least until I can afford a better one. I need the Tip Jar! LOL! 😉

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            2. No problem, I really appreciate what you will take and what you have taken and it doesn’t have to be cool high resolution and hdr photography like a professional 😉

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            3. Oh yeah that’s why I put like on the article 🙂
              You have a good angle for shots. You can manipulate the brightness later and it’s not really your fault. Sometimes condition force us to take dark pictures but for me as long as your pictures aren’t blurry you are ok.
              Those pictures are still good.
              Focus on landscape angle and of any objects there. You will be good to go with any camera you have. You know sometimes technique beats even a SLR user.

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            4. I took my Lego video with Note 4 and some lighting setups while everyone else thought that I was using DSLR camera.
              If you use your brain when having equipment limitation, you can do the impossible things 🙂
              I am looking forward for your photography!

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