Our Latest Adventure

Just wanted to share our most recent trip to the park with all of you.  It was quite muddy that day, but at least there weren’t too many bugs lurking about.  We had a blast despite ending up with mud caked to the bottom of our shoes. 🙂

Monroe 7This was the start of the path leading into the woods from the children’s play area.  Every time I see a path like this, I feel inspired to write something  about it.  The woods were so tranquil and quiet.  The only sounds that could be heard were the faint rustle of the leaves in the wind and the birds merrily singing nearby.

Monroe 5Along the path, we spotted this tree off in the distance.  I wanted to get a closer look, but it was so far off the path and with the ground being so muddy, this is as close as I could get without getting stuck forever!  I wonder if an animal lives here.  It sure seemed like a cozy little place to snuggle up and take a nap.

Monroe 4These plants to the left, covered almost the entire forest floor.  Not sure of their name.  They were about 3 ft. tall, with tiny white flowers at the tips, and because of their height, it made it impossible to veer off the path too far.

Monroe 1Here’s a better view of the flowers that were perched at the top of each plant.  Like I said, I am not sure what these were, but they were a beautiful sight for sure!

Monroe 9   The trees didn’t quite have all of their leaves yet, so you could really get a good view of the entire forest and all of it’s hidden secrets that laid scattered about.  I enjoyed watching the butterflies fluttering by, and my girls were looking for curious things to collect.  I think the only thing we really collected though, was about 2 inches of mud on the bottoms of our shoes!

Monroe 11   This was the end of our journey through the woods and I decided to take a picture of the sun peering through the trees as we made our way back to the play area.  It is always hard to leave such a peaceful place behind and I felt a bit sad when we had to leave.  The good news is, that we can go back another day and have another adventure waiting for us once again!  I am already excited just thinking about it!

15 thoughts on “Our Latest Adventure

    1. The main hiking trail that we like is the ice age trail. You can literally hike the entire state by using the ice age trail. So much fun to follow the trail and see where it leads. Love you too!


    1. Thanks! You would love it there! These pictures were taken with the cruddy phone camera. Of course it doesn’t do so bad taking pictures during the day. With no flash though, the pictures at night never turn out!

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          1. Actually lighting tools will do. Those are the ones that will differentiate professionals and beginners. Even sometimes you can take good pictures with crappy camera and good lighting 🙂

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            1. Yes, I was trying that earlier today when the light was coming in at odd angles. I had to take a close-up picture of a ring that I need fixed. I got my cruddy phone to cooperate! 🙂

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            2. Yes, it’s all good! I can’t wait either! I hope I can find time to blog during my trip! I will be gone for three weeks! If I don’t keep up with it daily, I might be overwhelmed when I get back! Like you, I will be left with thousands of pictures! Ha Ha! 😉

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            3. LOL, schedule some posts starting from now. Any posts you can think of to cover up the absence when travelling. I have experienced the same thing when travelling to Europe last year!
              I did that tiring but fun 2 week-travel but in the end I got so many pictures to post for a year 🙂
              But if you do the same way as I do on my blog that means opening photography section possibility on your blog hahaha.
              Besides you can use your own pictures for your poems or other stuffs.

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    1. Yes, this one is lovely and we didn’t even notice the trails the first couple of times that we visited. So after becoming acquainted with the trails, it has now become one of our favorite places.

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