Prom… this time of year?

IMG_4079I know I’ve been elusive lately, so I decided to share my day.  Here’s a snapshot of what I was doing this morning.  That’s right!  Taking pictures of my daughter Amy who was celebrating prom in her own way today.


Since we homeschool, our kids don’t have the same opportunities to go to dances and regular high school functions.  This didn’t stop my daughter from arranging her own mock prom though; and she had quite an exciting day.


When the two arrived home from shopping and dinner, they were surprised to find a huge fireworks show going on just behind our house.  I guess somebody knew it was their day!  She is all grown-up… I’m feeling a bit sad that she will be leaving for New York next month.

IMG_4092My second baby is leaving the nest and I will miss her more than she probably even knows.  Life is short… enjoy your children while you can, they grow up way too fast!

14 thoughts on “Prom… this time of year?

  1. You are a good role model for your children. Never doubt that.
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