Hang in there!


“Even on the darkest day, never let your dreams fade away!” ~M

20 thoughts on “Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for following back! I’m excited to learn more about you. I’ll have to get on here later and read for awhile. Celebrating a birthday today and don’t have a lot of in between time to read while cooking! 🙂

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          1. Same here! Everything is ok on this side of life. I know you are going to miss your daughter but hey life is moving. We have missed a lot of things, losing but as well as gaining new things.

            Let’s just do our best so that we can catch up every of our goals. Just don’t get ourselves carried away especially by feeling blue or not in the mood of doing anything 🙂

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            1. Yes, we need to encourage each other. Life is moving and at a pace that I don’t like some days. Just bought my daughters plane ticket today. So it’s official! She leaves Sept. 19th! Speaking of goals, I need to get a list going, so that I can cross of what I need to get done. I am a list person and feel scatterbrained without one!

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            2. That’s great! Everything is settled then.
              Same goes with me. I like to make a list what I should be doing and being efficient as much as I can. As we know, we need plans for our future life. Without plans, we will get lost and like have no sense of direction where we are heading next.

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            3. Glad that someone like what I do lol

              Even if I am going to execute only a few of them but somehow I feel the satisfaction that my plans are going to work and encourage me for better chance of succeeding in planning for the future. The list came straight out of my mind and thinking that why don’t I make the list on my blog so that I know what I am going to head next as the diary of plans.

              Someday if I may read it again, you know tracing back the past memory and everybody is witnessing what I do either it might goes wrong or right it would be the good example too. My blog has to have a purpose 🙂

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            4. Do you ever get to all the things on your list? Or are you just hopeful that you will? You seem to fit a ton of things into each day. Honestly Raymond, I don’t know how you do it all! Lol! 🙂

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            5. Sometimes they are a mix of both 🙂

              Not going to do all but sometimes you can snatch a bit the activity by doing 2 or 3 at once. For example : If you want to prepare to blog about your weekend activity, make sure that you will have something to do or something wonderful to share before then. I am mostly spending time with my family on weekend or going with friends so that would fit in either by capturing something with my phone while walking. At the same time if I am seeing something on the way, I might as well take the chances either it is for my Minecraft, blog, or any other purposes.

              My plans are like plants with branches, uncertainty always happening but with those branches I can invest any activities I could use for my future. I wouldn’t know what might happen later but with a lot of sources I could gather while doing something, the lists I am making will likely to be done perfectly. What I am doing is always storing something in those branches and just wait things to happen until the time I could choose which one I should prioritize.

              That’s why I hate to be lazy and not productive, I prefer to have any activity I could do. I do take a rest when it’s time and while enjoying my free time, that means I am watering my plants with energy. So what I meant with lazy time is being lazy enough just to get enough time to refresh yourself and not being overly lazy.

              If you have all the things balanced, one day you could do anything you want and getting the full control of it. Of course all these things couldn’t be done without the help from my surroundings 🙂

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