Day 6 of our 21 day adventure


Just taking one last look around the room to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything. It’s with a heavy heart that I leave this glorious place. Being a princess for a day was so much fun. A last long look out of the tower window will have to tide me over until the next thrilling moment occurs. With a sigh, I am determined to have another grand adventure, even though this one here at the Luxor is now ending.


Brian and I pile into the elevator with our mounds of luggage. Watchful eyes scrutinize our every move and I am thankful when we finally make it to the check-out desk. With a quick exchange of information and the final bill paid, we head out to the find the car. A wall of thick steamy air suffocates us within seconds of leaving the air-conditioned sanctuary.


We finally spot our car and hurriedly throw everything into the trunk. We scurry back to the casino to escape the inferno that engulfs us. I immediately feel a cold chill as if ice water is pouring over me from head to toe. I look down to grab my sweatshirt, which I had slung over my purse earlier in the day. Now it seems, to my dismay, that it is nowhere to be found. After taking a few minutes to retrace my steps, and still not finding my sweatshirt, I wonder if it’s worth going back out into the stifling heat to look for it. I explore all of my options, quickly rifling through them in the work center of my brain. Ding! The answer comes to me, and I race to find the nearest security kiosk.


I feel stupid as I explain my pitiful situation and know that I am secretly the biggest cheapskate alive. I mean a sweatshirt… of all things to report as missing… The poor lady in front of me is missing her laptop, and here I am practically crying over a plain black sweatshirt that I purchased from Goodwill.


After explaining the discouraging downfall to my otherwise perfectly wonderful day, and filling out about a gazillion forms after pleading my case, we are finally on our way to that grand adventure that I was so hopeful to find today. I can’t shake feeling disappointed in myself and wish that I could just start my morning over. Why I get so irritated over the little things in life, I will never understand. Is this just me or does everybody get like this from time to time?


After a while, I finally start to forget about the disappointing events of the morning as we happily gamble away our hard-earned money and shop at the same stores where celebrities often frequent. After looking at the price tags in the shops at Crystals, I am really depressed now. How can people afford such lavish things? The frivolity of such extravagant items seems to me to be almost embarrassing. I think to myself, how can people spend gobs of money on such unimportant things when people are starving in China? Seems to me like being a princess isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. I’m kind of glad that I will most likely never find out.


It’s now 3:00 p.m. and time to find our car, so that we can brave the Vegas traffic and find our timeshare which is off the beaten path. I know what you’re thinking… Yes, we were wrangled into buying one of those. I loathe the day we signed the contract for our timeshare and now we are forced to take a vacation every year, or by default, forfeit our timeshare “points” i.e., hard-earned money.

We finally find the resort and decide that it’s better than we expected. The resort is surrounded by small shops and is within walking distance to the strip, if you don’t mind walking in 116° weather. After exploring our room and situating the luggage, we head downstairs to the concierge desk to buy show tickets. Tonight we are seeing the show “Diva’s” and I am really looking forward to our first opportunity for real adventure.


The day is progressing better than at first and we decide to head out for dinner. We opt for driving back to the strip, rather than trying to walk through the thick humid air. It doesn’t take us long to find parking near the LINQ; however, finding a restaurant that doesn’t cost a fortune is nearly impossible. We finally settle on the “Nook”, which is reminiscent of a delicatessen and seems like a good choice for low budget families like us.


We order gyros and fruit tarts for dessert. The food is exquisite and tastes like heaven. After filling our bellies, we sit back and relax and watch the chefs preparing food from behind the counter. Some of the chefs are flinging pizza dough into the air, while others are carefully arranging garnishes on platters. This place may not be Trumps Palace, but the chefs sure could work there!

After being entertained at the Nook, we head out to Caesars Palace to see the show Diva’s. The theatre is decked out in red velvet and screams sexy. Frank Marino is the star of the show and has us laughing so hard, that I am about to pee my pants. The alcoholic beverage I just drank isn’t helping matters either. I never imagined that a female impersonator could deliver such a thrilling performance and I linger after the final curtain call hoping for more.


At last though, the show is over. We file out through the crowds of drunk, excited people, each hoping for a chance to see Frank Marino in person. Sure enough, there he is, greeting everyone as they make their way out of the theatre. I am tempted to stop, but find myself hesitating because my shyness overtakes me, and once again I lose an opportunity to be someone I’m not.


It’s 2 a.m. when we finally crawl into bed. The LINQ, which is a huge observation wheel, is all lit up and can be seen from our window next to the bed. As I lay back, I think back over the past six days and feel happy and content that we are finally getting away from it all. A part of me feels guilty for enjoying this time away from the kids, but most of me is jumping for joy. Fifteen more days left to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Ahhh… I hope the time lingers and that the fun continues.

15 thoughts on “Day 6 of our 21 day adventure

  1. Still feeling excited with that you are doing there. I know sometimes losing over little things is like getting nailed into our head and forever there but I am learning to let it go as time goes by. I begin to let go of unnecessary things that keep bugging me.

    Anyway it’s a holiday mostly little things won’t get in my way as long as good things happening all day 🙂

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    1. I just watched that animation video you posted and couldn’t figure out how to reblog it, so I just shared it on FB & Twitter. Thanks for reading the continuing story of our adventure. No point in writing about it if nobody ever reads it. I love the fact that you always do and that you are one of the few people who ever comment. Thanks for that! Means a lot to me. Friends are scarce these days. It’s good to have friends on WordPress to interact with. What holiday is it over there? Glad you are having a good day! 🙂

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      1. The self-hosted blog doesn’t have a reblog button. It’s pathetic and WordPress should create one someday.

        I didn’t know you have a twitter account. What’s your twitter account?

        You know I always love travelling stuffs. Actually to be honest I prefer to leave comments instead of making articles lol
        5 minutes time needed for me to leave comments is like an hour creating an article. Although sometimes some articles might to fit into my own readings I try to leave at least a like. Appreciating the existence of the writer.

        Yup indeed people are getting busy nowadays. I am still keeping my WordPress of couse to keep in contact with my friends.

        No holiday probably until christmas but I am looking forward if there is any hahaha. Thanks! I will keep enjoying my days and I hope you are as well 🙂

        Oh and hey I always looking forward for your adventure. At least if I couldn’t go there anytime soon, you could still be the one who will give me some insights of what’s happening.

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        1. I sent you a message the other day that I had just gotten one. I found you on Twitter and am following you under my name @HerWritingHaven. You must of missed my message somehow. It’s okay, you will find me on there. I am thankful that you take the time to comment and would rather do that than other stuff. I wish you had a reblog button, but for now I can at least Tweet about it! 🙂

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          1. Ah the notification didn’t come through. my bad. I have followed you both using my own account and my blog account.

            Of course I will try to snatch some time for my friends no matter how busy I am there should be a time within a week. Yup thanks for sharing via twitter 🙂

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            1. Right so far for me it’s the most convenient way to communicate. Especially when you are on your phone. It’s practically like whatsapp, etc but in a less private way. You can still send a Direct Message anyway 🙂

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