Halfway there!


Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately or commenting as much as I normally do.  I have been so busy this month with NaNoWriMo, that I really just haven’t had much time for anything else.  I made it to 25,000 words today and it feels really good to make it this far.

Thank you to a few of my friends for giving me encouragement along the way.  Especially Carl, Dustin, and D who have shown what true friendship is all about.  Thanks to you three, I think I will make it to the finish line.

It’s been much harder to concentrate on writing the last few days after hearing about France and all that they are dealing with at the moment.  My love and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones and I just hope and pray that there won’t be any more attacks.

19 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. You are doing so great, Michelle. It’s fun to check on everyone and see that many of us are inching up that word count together. It has been a bit hard to focus this week as the real world rears its head and pulls at our hearts. Keep the faith, keep writing and I’ll cheer you on.

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    1. Thanks D and so are you! Never having written a book before, I thought it would be a lot tougher to write this many words in a day, but I am actually finding the more I write, the easier it becomes. I have no idea what to do with my book when I’m finished with it. I want to do a series of books and I don’t think that I want to self publish. I guess I will see where this takes me. I have a lot of research ahead of me to figure it all out!

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          1. Good advice! And I am actually reading more than writing because it’s historical fiction and so I have to do all of the research before I can even write anything. That’s what makes it hard to get everything done!

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            1. You could always write as much as you can now, and research later as you revise. But that’s up to you. Which ever works for you, I know you can totally do this, buddy.:)

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  2. You’re most welcome, Michelle. I am proud to call you “friend.” Congratulations on writing 25k! I’m so very proud of you!! I only wish I had your determination and energy, and confidence in yourself. This whole thing has been a bust for me, and I question whether or not I should try to write as much as I can between now and the first.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the dearly departed, as well as the survivors…:(

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