A set of rules or something more?


“Biblical commandments weren’t proclaimed as a means to keep us subjected to God’s authority, but rather to free us from the self-inflicted pain which we were sure to endure without them.”  ~M


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  1. Strong and thought provoking. I liken it to what some may call “restrictive” as being “liberating”…


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  2. Thanks e… like any good parent, He tries to lead us away from things which would otherwise hurt us. This is what He revealed to me today as I’ve been struggling through some things myself. Without God’s direction, I know I would be completely lost right now.

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  3. Advanced Research Technology

    The Biblical commandments are simply a stamp of Yahweh’s character, and what we look like when it is installed inside. This is what one looks like when filled with the Spirit.

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  4. You & I both🙏🏾

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