Office Update


Now that I’m back from vacation, I figured I should give all of you an update on the progress of my office.  All I can say is… I’m glad it’s finally finished!

As some of you probably remember from last month, I decided to paint a tree on my office wall in hopes of having a more cheerful writing space.  The entire project only took about a month to complete and I only worked on it when I had a few hours to spare here and there.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry in-between coats.  Each leaf took an average of four coats of paint.

I have never painted anything on a large scale like this before and found it to be quite tedious and very challenging at times.  My original outline of the tree had to be redrawn; as I wanted the branches to be able to stretch over to another wall, and my first attempt just didn’t bring it close enough.

Overall I’m happy with the outcome.  I think it will be hard to leave behind my tree when we eventually move.  I’m already thinking ahead of what I might paint in my next room.  Anyway, here’s the pictures… sorry about the quality, the camera on my phone takes horrible pictures.  At least it gives you an idea of how my writing room finally turned out.

My office before the makeover.  So boring…..
Painting the background after roughing in the basic outline.
Starting to take form…
Bare bones…
Finally some color!
All finished!
So glad to finally have a place where I can shut the door and have some peace and quiet while I write.  🙂


23 thoughts on “Office Update

  1. Your tree is magnificent! It’s as if you now have a protector, watching over your work and helping to spark your creativity–as if it needs a spark. Thank you for sharing this. Absolutely inspiring.

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  2. I had forgotten about you paining your office, so this was a stunning reminder. Thanks for sharing.:) What everyone said is right: the tree really brightens the room and gives it LIFE. I love it! I could definitely write in a space like this! Enjoy, and may it bring you countless hours of fun, relaxation and writing.

    P.S. don’t forget to read!

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      1. That is great to hear that you’re reading! Tanya loves the series, too. I read it, but it isn’t my favorite thing. I liked it more than I thought I would, so that’s a plus, right?

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  3. Amazing how that tree changes the whole look and feel of the room, Michelle. It oozes creativity 🙂 The progress photos clearly show how much work that was. I could definitely write in that space. Enjoy it!

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