“Always post your best selfies on Facebook or Instagram, otherwise you never know what kind of picture will end up on your obituary.”  ~M


*I know this is a horrible thing to say, but the thought did recently cross my mind after seeing some recent obituaries.  Seriously… make sure you have a decent photo laying around that can be easily found.  Just saying… If you gotta leave, at least go out looking good!  😉


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21 thoughts on “Selfies…

      1. I do think the selfie culture is a millennial phenom. I think for the most part, the over 50 crowd (I’m 57) don’t give a flying fig. Do I look different from day to day? Yeah, either my hair is up, down and curly/frizzy, straight/frizzy, etc. Does the world need to know this, let alone see this? I think not.

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