Childhood Memories…


I have always loved this memory from Prince Harry as he was remembering his mother.

He said… “One of her mottos to me was you know, “You can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught.”  ~Princess Diana

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13 responses to “Childhood Memories…

  1. devereaux frazier

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  2. She really was and indeed we did… I guess so too!

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  3. She was so beautiful. We all lost a courageous woman that horrible day. 😦

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  4. Wonderful advice! 😃

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  5. My Mum wouldn’t have said that to me, but I tried awfully hard not to get caught. !!

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  6. What?! I guess she got caught, didn’t she? I hope Prince Harry doesn’t reap the same kind of reward. I was/am intrigued by Princess Di but what I respected was what she showed to the public.

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