Never waste a wish…



“Never waste a wish on someone who wouldn’t dare to dream.” ~M

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12 thoughts on “Never waste a wish…

  1. I’ve received your wish for, and yes I had a lovely day, had lunch with my Carole’s bestie, Maree, I might have mentioned her before, she set me and Carole up on a blind date back in 1975….. wow…. and then on the way home I had afternoon tea with my dear friend /companion Barb. Haha, she gave a couple of snails for my Lizzy the lizard to eat later . .. yes I had a blessed day ♡♡ Thank you my friend xx

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    1. I know you are… I wish for you to have the loveliest day ever… be blessed today and always. Look for your lost loves in God’s creation and let His love fill up your sweet spirit. 💛


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