The new normal?

Empty Walmart

It feels like we’re heading into a new normal. I’ve been on vacation, and as I watch my girls play in the pool, I wonder how long it will be, before even this sort of activity is no longer allowed. It’s sort of a scary thought. Everything we’ve known for such a long time is suddenly changing. Is this our new reality? Everything is closing; people are in a panic at the stores to buy basic necessities. The malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and sports facilities have all become like ghost towns. We never prepared ourselves for such things. And now I feel like one of the few who isn’t ready for the next wave of whatever is coming.

I’m not worried about the virus. I’m healthy for my age, and my girls are young enough that this won’t likely hinder them at all. But what I am worried about is the bigger picture ― the mass chaos, the wars which could break out, and the ones that already are. And I’m concerned that people will foolishly do things to harm other people. This world is already a scary place sometimes, but this seems to go beyond anything I’ve ever known or seen. The real threat isn’t the virus, but instead the human response to the virus, this is what scares me the most, and this is what I fear will be our biggest downfall.

24 thoughts on “The new normal?

  1. I believe that most people are resilient, adaptable, and innovative, if given the chance. What you see on TV is not representative of what most people are doing, which is helping family & neighbours and supporting their families and even animals in need. I’m grateful we have this wake-up call to be grateful for what we’ll been taking for granted. 🙂

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  2. Oh what a crazy world we live in at this time! It boggles my mind how some people are over-reacting. I think the ones buying a year’s supply of toilet paper are being rather selfish. I do hope we catch a nice break between this virus and the next calamity so that we have time to be a little more prepared and a lot more civilized.

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  3. Personally I think some people are over-reacting. And if you compared the numbers of the regular flu virus, much less H1N1, both are far worse. What I mean to say if–we tracked the numbers of the regular flu contagion to how COVID-19 is moving, you might find that the flu moves as quick if not quicker. That said, something good will come out of this in the fact that people will start being more conscientious, if that’s the word, about their health in public. Nevertheless, other things might change, as children attend school online, and not just colleges, everyone. We will become more guarded individuals in our daily lives, and perhaps plan better for our future and our children’s future. Am I right? So i think everyone should just chill, treat it like what it is–a flu virus, and just practice good everything.

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    1. I think you’re absolutely right, there are the positives that will come. I just hope those positive changes last. If nothing else, our environment is being less polluted for a change, due to lack of people working and traveling.

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  4. Just wait it out without major changes. Keep faith in God and continue prayers to Him. Stay cool, dear M. It is the elders who suffer. That bothers me, at 86, not at all. I just hope if I get the flu, it will be the Corona, not the old fashioned kind. My chances are much better. BUt no bug controls my life. But I am “bugged” by not being able to buy TP when I need it. 😀 I bought one bundle at Walmart yesterday. I couldn’t believe the number of package that some folks were buying. I often hear that we are “living paycheck to paycheck.” I wonder how some folks handle buying tp, wipes, etc to last for the next six months. Ahh, we are not nearly as bad off as some want us to be. Keep the smiles. Hugs.

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    1. I figure tp is the least of my worries. We may just have to resume the old fashioned ways for handling that issue. My daughter said she’s gonna get herself a hose. And I kinda like her plan. Lol… 😂

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  5. Humans are scary because there is such sheep like behaviour. Honestly, I don’t think we have evolved at all sometimes. I’m glad I live out of town and that our town is a relatively small one. I would hate to be in the middle of a city during these uncertain times

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