Fear of failure


“The fear of the unknown often holds us back and it’s because of this that we often lack.” ~M


Photo found at: destinationdreamsanddogs.com

12 thoughts on “Fear of failure

  1. This sounds familiar…

    I am determined to change this ,and these posts have helped me realize that I must change; that I need to start living for the Lord. Thank you.

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            1. I am positive and encouraging to others, but when it comes to believing in myself, it’s a different story. I guess I try to uplift others because I struggle so much to be positive in my own life, if that makes sense. You’re always welcome. (((Big Hugs)))

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            2. That makes complete sense! I do that too! Hang in there though… you need to be happy and positive about your own life too! Don’t let life drag you down, you’ve got one life to live, so live it well! 🙂

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