Him vs. Her – The little things


Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated by the annoying little things that your spouse does? And do you allow those things to become bigger issues than they really should be?

I can think of a zillion times when my husband and I have fought over the most pointless things. For example, I used to get mad at him for leaving his dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but when there’s a dirty clothes hamper two feet away, it just seems lazy and almost disrespectful to assume that your wife will pick them up and put them in the hamper for you.

Fortunately, I don’t get mad about the clothes anymore. I do however still get upset when he leaves his size 14 shoes in the middle of the bedroom at night. I mean… who wouldn’t trip over those bad boys in the middle of the night on their way to the bathroom? It’s like he’s setting a trap for me to fall and break my neck! I wonder… is he secretly trying to do away with me? I’d like to think not, but seriously… little things like this can be the cause of some hefty arguments, and a whole lot of late night swearing.

I also think that at the root of every small disagreement, there usually lies a much bigger problem that has yet to be brought up. All it takes is that one little annoying thing that he or she does, to eventually fuel the fire. Oh I hate it when that happens! And when it finally does, one of us is usually regretting the little mishap that started the explosive reaction in the first place.

Our biggest petty disagreement in recent years has been the thermostat. I like the house to be warm and hubby likes it cool. I grew up in sunny California and so I don’t think my body has ever really acclimated to the weather here in Wisconsin. I know this is such a trivial thing to fight over, but I have gone to bed mad at him on more than one occasion, because he didn’t want me to change the temperature on the thermostat. What gets me the most, is when he denies he has changed the temperature, even when I know he has! Why lie about something so insignificant?  Oh he can be so sneaky sometimes!

We have now made an agreement, that I am the “official” keeper of the thermostat. Since I’m home more often than he is, we agreed that I should be the one regulating the temperature in the house. I actually think it was my final threat of going to a hotel to sleep for the night, which finally convinced him to let me have my way. I was very serious at the time and since I’m so stubborn, he knows that when I threaten to do something like this, I may just do it! Thankfully he puts up with my obnoxious behavior and has a very forgiving heart. 🙂

Now that we’ve been married, forever… we often find ourselves looking back at a lot of those trivial moments and we can actually laugh about most of them now. Of course back in the early days of our marriage, we really had a hard time letting go of such unimportant things and our marriage really suffered because of it. We’ve definitely learned how to compromise more, and although I still have my hormonally challenging moments like any woman, his response to my moods has changed for the better.

My husband no longer reacts to my stupid remarks the way he used to, he lets me have time to vent my frustrations and he doesn’t try to remedy the situation. Instead, he just simply listens and tells me he’s sorry. I am amazed by how he has learned to stay calm and not overreact to the stress that I’m feeling. By him being the more level headed person, it calms me down and then I find myself able to let go of the issue and move on more easily.

I feel blessed that after all these years of marriage, I really can’t find too many things that frustrate or annoy me about my husband. Yes, he’s the typical guy with enough burps and farts to clear an entire room, but at the same time… he’s also the one God chose for me to spend the rest of my life with, and honestly… right now, I couldn’t be happier.

Is there anything in your relationship that causes you to feel frustrated or annoyed? And if so, have you found a solution that works for you?

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18 thoughts on “Him vs. Her – The little things

  1. This was great! Oh, yes, early on it was how to squeeze the toothpaste. We figured out we should each have our own tube! It is after years of marriage you can sit back and laugh at all those little frustrating things.
    One of the most telling blogs is subtitled: “SHE DIVORCED ME BECAUSE I LEFT DISHES BY THE SINK” at http://mustbethistalltoride.com/2016/01/14/she-divorced-me-because-i-left-dishes-by-the-sink/
    OH MY it is so sad….but the husband learned and now he gives advice to all men to not end up divorced…..

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  2. Michelle, I thought you were writing about my husband and me! Clothes on the floor, shoes in my way, etc. my biggest issue is his lack of organization. If I hear one more time that he can’t find something, you’ll hear me screaming in WI. lol. And as far as burps & farrs, yep, I’ve got one if those, too. And I wouldn’t trade him for anything. ❤️

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    1. Lol…. I agree with the organizational thing too! If it’s lost, I’m the one that’s suppose to know where it is. And as far as planning goes, he makes appointments and never writes them down! Ughh!!! They wouldn’t be our guys without their little idiosyncrasies though. Gotta take the good with the bad, just like they do for us. 😉

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  3. So he burps and farts too. Typical husband stuff. Seems like we just grow into knowing how to deal with these quirks over time. It’s like a grace.

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  4. My complaint is more recent, but mundane. The toothpaste cap never being on, and draining all over the counter. I was so upset and nearly snapped, but found out my son had been using my bathroom as of late. 😀

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        1. I already face this on a daily basis. It’s so frustrating!!! I buy new clothes and never see them after they’re washed. They disappear into the girls closets. 😞 I go through about once a month and hunt for my missing clothes. By the time I finally find them, the girls are swearing that the clothes belong to them and then I usually just surrender the clothes to them. There’s no convincing them otherwise and clothes aren’t as important to me. I’m a t-shirt and pants wearing kind of gal. Comfort is all I really care about since I’m at home most days.

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