He said, “Cool.” Cool with a period at the end…

So my 19 yr old daughter just came running to me and said, “Mom!  He said, “Cool.” Cool with a period at the end!  She is a writer like me, hence the problem with just a period at the end of Cool and not an exclamation point like there should have been.  Now she strongly believes that her boyfriend is going to break up with her tonight, for lack of the exclamation point in his response to her text.  Oh the woes of life these days…  It really doesn’t get any better than this!  I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing…  🙂  Does this make me a bad parent?

23 thoughts on “He said, “Cool.” Cool with a period at the end…

          1. Totally. Have you ever fell victim to over analysing someone’s message before replying … you know so they can get the most …optimal response. 🙉

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            1. I know the struggle. But… thats just the key. Because your a poet, you tend to observe more. Dialect, tone, emphasis or lack of … All play into your impressions of things.

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