Here we go again…


I finally had to take my phone in to get it repaired 2 weeks ago.  I only had the phone 3 months, and then the motherboard died.  So less than 2 weeks ago, the Apple store gave me a brand new one and sent me on my way.  Unfortunately, the charging port is deficient in this new one, and so I have another appointment next weekend to get a replacement for this phone. 

Let’s just see how many replacements I’ll need, before I actually get a phone that works!  Oh and it only took 3 calls to Apple (they hung up on me 2 times) before I finally got ahold of a REAL person!  Then they said I had to go online to set up the appointment, because their scheduling system was down.  So I went online and after a few hours of trying to figure out how to schedule an appointment, I finally have one!

Hallelujah, Holy Shit!!  Where’s the Tylenol!?!  (Yes…. I absolutely love that quote from Christmas Vacation) Ugh…. So as you can see, I’m a little frustrated right now; and to top it all off, I have to drive almost 2 hours each way, just to get to the Apple store! 

I’m almost thinking of just getting rid of my phone altogether; yet I love it for GPS capability and the camera.  I’m afraid as much as I travel, I’d be completely lost without it.  So anyway, I probably won’t be checking social media, email, or reading as many blogs as I usually do, until I get my new phone.  It’s unfortunate, but I just don’t have the opportunity to get on my computer, as often as I do my phone.

Ok… I think I’m done with my rant for this evening….  Here’s to the many little frustrating things in life, that get us all riled up.  Cheers!  ~ M  🍻


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10 responses to “Here we go again…

  1. Well, I had this whole paragraph typed out and then my phone decided to reload. It’s an iPhone. Coincidence? No such thing LOL. They should come to you, since it’s their problem. Sheesh

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  2. Lol…. oh gosh Dorinda…. I tell ya, if technology isn’t the final death of me, I’ll be surprised. 😉

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  3. Gotta love technology, makes life so much easier yeah I think not. It won’t be killer robots like the Terminator, but dealing with tech support and stuff that just doesn’t work that will be the end of civilization.

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  4. I have such a love/hate relationship with technology right now. It’s breaking my heart! Lol….. 😉

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  5. This is great! I am a huge Christmas Vacation fan…and not a huge fan of technology! However, I’d be lost without my phone!
    By the way…I mentioned you in a blog post I did on Friday! Hope you don’t mind! 😊

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  6. Lol…. thank you… and I don’t mind at all. Hope you’re having a good weekend! 😉


  7. LOL You should live here! Hubby is an IT guy. Need I say more?

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  8. Lol…. well I’ve actually been interested in going back to school for a degree in something along those lines. I’m sick of having to rely on other people to fix all of these technological issues. Just want to figure it all out for myself! 😉

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  9. Sounds like a great idea! Broaden those horizons. We can never learn too much 🙂

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