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Well, so much for spring!  Yesterday was 74° and partially cloudy, and today it’s 40° and rainy.  Hence the reason I’m late getting up today.  Honestly, I could have slept all day since it’s so dark outside.  But alas, my stomach got to grumbling and so here I am; not quite awake yet, and trying to figure out something worthwhile to talk about.  So without further ado, grab a hot cup of something and let’s chat!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I had a fairly low-key week.  Monday I traveled to a town I used to live in, all in order to do my taxes, and then I also stopped by to see a dear friend of mine.  She has been going through a rough patch, so I wanted to stop and say hello and bring her a bit of cheer.  We had a nice time catching up, after not seeing her since Thanksgiving.  Then later that night, my husband and I took our girls to see Beauty and the Beast.  I have to say… it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, and Emma Watson really made the movie what it was.

Thursday night I had a date night with hubby.  It was sort of a spontaneous thing that happened.  We were just going out to run some quick errands but decided to go out for dinner as well.  Always a nice surprise when we can spend some time together.  He works such longs hours, and so I hardly ever see him.  I’m looking forward to this summer because he’s only scheduled to work two weekends all summer long.  I’m hopeful that we will actually be able to plan a camping trip; something we always talk about but rarely get to do.

Last night I got to go see my niece graduate.  She came away with her associate’s degree as a medical assistant.  I am so very proud of her!  After suddenly losing her mom whom she was living with a couple of years ago, she has since been trying to support her and her son the best she can.  So going back to school was very difficult for her, with everything else she had to face as well.  But I think she can finally see her efforts coming to fruition, and it’s good to see a smile on her face because of it.

Living here in Wisconsin is hard for me, as I don’t have any blood relatives where I live, except for my immediate family of course.  Then, on my husband’s side, we only have four blood relatives living somewhat near us (30-90 min. away).  The thing is, it makes for very small family gatherings and the holidays often seem a bit lonely.  I grew up with big family celebrations and I really miss them.  So seeing my niece last night was such a blessing to me.  We were able to take her out to dinner and had the best time.  And now with eating out twice this week, I guess I will really have to watch what I eat this coming week!

Well, I suppose I should wrap things up for now.  I’m still sitting here in my pajamas at almost 2:00 in the afternoon!  Lol…

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  Talk to ya next week!  ~M


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23 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare – Rainy Day Chatter

  1. Nothing wrong with a full PJ day!
    I would find it very hard to not see my family more often. My aunt used to hold an annual BBQ where all the cousins and aunts would gather – they were the best and we are in need of one this year!
    Bravo to your niece and wonderful you were able to attend her graduation.
    Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Dale! It is hard and I hope you’ll be able to have one of those BBQ’s this year. So important to see family when you can. Hope you have a great week too!

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          1. Sometimes we have to create them. Of course, when family is too spread out, it is difficult but many will get together for a wedding, we just have to find another excuse!

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            1. Yeah, out of the 4 relatives I have here. 2 are elderly and don’t get around so good anymore, one is a young mom busy with life, and the other is a young boy. So not much opportunity here for family gatherings. The rest of my family is mostly 2,000 miles away.

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            2. Dang… I feel your pain. Most of my family is within 6 hours (max) driving. There are a few over in the Maritimes that we see rarely, sadly. That is a good 10-12 hour drive so…

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  2. Congratulations to your niece. I understand how holidays feel a bit lonely as I too was used to large family gatherings and bit by bit either people died or moved and now there are so few of us that it seems like any other day of the week. We did a cruise this Christmas to avoid that. I’m glad you enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. It starts at our cinema next week and I plan to go and see it so good to have a recommendation. Thanks for coffee.

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    1. Thanks Irene. Sadly, it’s the way things are for a lot of people these days. A cruise sounds fun… always wanted to do that. Enjoy the movie and have a great week! 😉

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  3. My husband and I tried to see Beauty and the Beast (love Hermione), but sold out. I, too, live far away from family. That is hard! I have one relative here, and the next closest is a 10 hour drive. I wish I had what you have. Blessings!

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    1. Well definitely one to rent then! And oh that must be so hard… I’ve got my father-in-law, and mother-in law, who are divorced, and then my niece and nephew. And that’s it for family. It’s getting harder too, because my two older daughters are no longer at home. One lives in California and the other in Florida. I never thought I’d feel the empty nest syndrome, but I’m starting to feel it a little bit now.

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