#MidnightMadness – 3/25/2017


Dinnertime questions from a dimwit (yeah that’s me).

Me – “Don’t these croutons seem stale to you?  And I just opened the package today.”

Hubby – “Well you do realize that croutons are purposely made that way, right?”

Me – “Oh yeah, don’t mind me, I’m an idiot…  Lol…  Nevermind!”


*Guess you had to be there… 😉

Photo credit: pixabay.com

10 responses to “#MidnightMadness – 3/25/2017

  1. Haha, I ask those kind of questions sometimes too.

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  2. Lol love the madness, haha.

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  3. Well I’m glad somebody does! Lol…. 😉

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  4. Oh of course, and I’m sure many others have too.

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  5. I guess to me, they just tasted staler than the normal stale. Does that make any sense? Lol…

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  6. Yeah, that makes sense. 🙂

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