Words come straight from the heart…


There’s no better compliment for a writer, than when somebody reads their work.  I honestly don’t even mind if somebody doesn’t particularly like what I’ve written.  Just the fact that they’ve read it and have taken the time to tell me they have; that’s the best feeling in the world.  The words a writer writes, come straight from their heart.  So the reader is literally holding a piece of that person’s heart while reading such a person’s words.  It doesn’t get much more intimate than that.  ~M

Originally posted: May 15, 2016

Photo found at:  sparkyleegeek.wordpress.com

27 thoughts on “Words come straight from the heart…

  1. I don’t understand taking the time to read something and having nothing to say to the writer when you have a chance to interact. Likes are nice, comments are better, and more insightful as to WHY you ‘liked’ it. Frustrating to me, but you take what you can get in cyber space, I guess.

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    1. It’s always good when someone has the time to comment and does. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving me so many lovely comments. 🙂


  2. “There’s no better compliment for a writer” – acknowledgement also helps. It can be the same, the person telling you they hate it, but it is difficult when nobody bothers to even acknowledge it… (BTW – I only “like” if I have read the post, so when I “like” something, I am acknowledging it 🙂 )

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    1. Same here…. I would hope that if somebody is liking my posts, that they are actually reading them. Yet I know this isn’t always the case. I appreciate you reading my posts so often. I’ve got to get over to your page later today. I’m reading through the Whole30 book at the moment, since we are going to be starting the program soon, and I’ve still got about 300 pages to go…. lol…

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        1. Thanks Trent, It’s been nice being able to catch up on some things I need to get done. But I also feel like I’m very disconnected from blog land at the moment. May will be better I think… 😉

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  3. I could have, should have penned those words myself. Thank you for words straight from my heart as well! I never take for granted reading what others have carefully and thoughtfully written.

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