Sketching – Week 4


Well, here’s more of what I’ve been up to this week.  Each week we have a quick sketch that’s due on Wednesday, and then by Sunday, we turn in a final drawing.  This is my Wednesday sketch.  I’m still not sure what my final layout will be for Sunday.  I’ll be starting it tonight, and I think I’ll be adding another book and possibly a bottle to give my still life a little more interest.  Wish me luck, cause it’s for my mid-term project and worth nearly half my grade.  Yikes!  😉

32 thoughts on “Sketching – Week 4

  1. Hey Michelle! I know I’ve been kinda MIA round here, but I thought I should let you know this is absolutely amazing! Hope you get a good grade lol… it probably feels weird to be back at school! But I wish you all the success and luck! You’re doing great… just like I knew you would!

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    1. Awww…. thank you Thari. It does feel weird! I’m hanging in there and trying my best. Hope you’re doing ok. I’ll try to stop by your blog later. I’ve been out of touch with so many people lately. Much love to you my friend, and have a very blessed weekend. ❤️

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        1. Thanks so much… It definitely doesn’t come easy to me. I’m always amazed at those artists who can sit down and draw anything straight out of their heads. I’ve got to have something straight in front of me or I can’t draw anything. And if I try to play any kind of drawing game…. forget it! Lol… 😉

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