Final Project – Week 8

IMG-1795 (1)

Well here it is, my final drawing for the 8 week course I’ve been taking.  I think I did a decent job with this class, especially considering I haven’t drawn much of anything in nearly 30 years.  Still not sure if I’ll continue with it, but if I do, I will likely try to illustrate some of my own books.

It’s snowing here again in Wisconsin, and although it’s pretty, I still wish spring would stop teasing us.  On the upside, it certainly does make for a great day of creativity in some form or another, which I’ll most likely take full advantage of.  Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend!    ~M xo

20 thoughts on “Final Project – Week 8

  1. Looks good. I say keep practicing. Maybe start by saying you want to illustrate one blog post a week. Later you can use them to illustrate a book if you want, or at least give you ideas for illustrations for the book.

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        1. You should then… Or even just once a month. I haven’t been putting as much time into writing or drawing lately, and my creative flow is suffering for it. Hopefully soon I’ll get back into the swing of things. Until then, I know I will continue to feel frustrated with myself.

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