Why not?


“Why can’t we all just lose our leaves every year and regrow new ones in the spring?”  ~M

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18 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. OOOOO – Do you know “The Trees” by Larkin? Talks about “Their greenness being a type of grief”. I love it, taking the new life of spring and making it melancholic – SO Larkin to do that!

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      1. Oh well, you are in for a treat then! He was very sardonic, his shorter poems are often brutal and bleakly amusing and his longer ones amazing, more like short stories then poems. So many highlights but The Old Fools, Church Going, An Arundel Tomb and Whtsun Weddings, for longer ones, and The Trees, Days, Going, High Windows, Annus Mirabilis and The Mower for shorter ones, and of course you ought to see his ‘blockbuster’ poem; ‘This Be The Verse’ – But of course they are all worth reading.

        I am not great at all at understanding poetry, but I love his work. I hope you do too. Thanks

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        1. Guess I will have to put his writings on my Christmas list then! And I don’t think anyone is ever very good at understanding poetry. Half the time I don’t even understand my own! Lol… 😉

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            1. It’s so funny how that happens. Lol… And I’m so behind on the prompts reading that I’m sure I probably haven’t even read yours yet. I promise to try and catch up soon. 😉 I realized the other day that I’m likely reading around 200 of them a month. No wonder I can’t keep up! 😋 Have a good weekend!

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